​Best Flea Treatment For Dogs

Best Flea Treatment for Dogs: Details, Features, and FAQ


Dogs who suffer from the pesky little fleas are at a great risk of contracting disease. It is extremely necessary to provide relief to your dog against these creatures. Some of your great options can be flea medicines.

Moreover, a lot of pet owners find it extremely beneficial for their pets and it seems that it solves the root cause of the problem for them.

With that said, we’ve compiled a list of the medicines that provide Best flea treatment for dogs based on numerous factors including work performance, price, and reviews. Let us begin the compilation:

​The Top 5 Flea Medicine For Dogs

​Comfortis for Dogs - Our Top Pick

This is the most prominent flea medicine which has a blazingly fast action time of 30 minutes. It works to eradicate the root cause of the problem that is the flea eggs which you cannot see with naked eyes. Comfortis works to give a lethal death to these eggs and larvae so that the fleas can stop growing on the body of your four-legged companion.

The core ingredient of Comfortis is an insecticide named Spinosad which is highly effective for killing fleas in just a fraction of 30 minutes.

Revolution for Dogs - Our Runner up Pick

The next choice on our list of these dogs flea treatment medications is Revolution for dogs and cats. Just a single dose of this powerful topical medicine is enough for a monthly protection of your dog from fleas. It is effective for fleas, heartworms, ear mites, scabies, ticks, and all sorts of other nasty creatures that keep your dog annoyed.

The active ingredient used in Revolution is the Selamectin which is a macrocyclic lactone compound. This ingredient prevents the growth of the adult heartworms, especially on dogs. It shows its effectiveness within one month of exposure to the dogs.

Nexgard for dogs Great Quality

The Nexgard does great in terms of quality with its beef flavored chews that your little friend can enjoy with his/her regular meal. It not only kills the fleas and ticks but also gives immunity against an infection that leads to the development of Lyme disease. It also provides an active one-month protection with a single dose in oral form for your dog.

The wonderful ingredient that is being used for this medicine is named as afoxolaner. Within 24 hours, this active ingredient gets quickly absorbed in the bloodstream of your dog which directly affects the nervous system of the fleas that assures 100% likeability of them being eradicated.

Bravecto for dogs Budget pick

The next one on our list is the Bravecto which is a budget-friendly option for you in the category of the medication of fleas for dogs. A single dose of this medicine is enough for a 12-week protection from fleas and ticks for your dog.

Bravecto has an active ingredient known as fluralaner which is an efficient ectoparasiticide involved in the isoxazoline group. It is highly effective against the numerous types of fleas and ticks and it provides an avid protection of 12 weeks to your dog.

Frontline Plus for dogs Semi Effective

This one might be the last one on the list but it is surely a game-changer. This medicine provides an amazing flea and tick control for 30 days with just a single dosage and it also decimated the growth of the eggs and larvae which the main cause of the flea infestation. Moreover, it also has an effect of being waterproof.

Fipronil is the core active ingredient of this brilliant medicine and its properties are the only reason for it being in the top 5 out of the slew medicines for the treatment of dogs. Fipronil shows its effectiveness within 4-12 hours of consumption.

Who should buy flea medicine for Dogs?

It goes on without saying that fleas are extremely harmful for your dog and can adversely affect his/her health. Moreover, if you see your dog itching, being irritated, not feeling energized, or being hyperactive then it’s a no brainer to use a flea medicine for him.

After all, this little thing can be very effective for your most beloved companion.

Oral flea medicine for dogs

The oral flea medication comes in the form of chews and eatables which your dog requires to digest. This prevents the hassle of applying it over the body of your dog. They are proven to be more effective than topical medications because the transmission media of the medicine to the adult fleas is done by a bite of these fleas on your dog. There are various chemicals that are used in these medicines and they usually last their effectiveness for a longer time.

Topical flea medicine for dogs

Topical flea medication are also known as the spot on medications which are usually used by applying them on the shoulder blades of your dog where they are not able to lick it. They usually show their effectiveness for 1 month. They are also beneficial in terms of being multipurpose since they are not only effective for fleas and ticks but also be used as a repellent for them.

​Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is dog flea medicine and how does it work?

Dog flea medicines are used for protecting your dog against nasty little fleas, ticks, and other harmful parasites. They work in two ways firstly, by oral ingestion that affects the nervous system of the fleas and secondly, the topical way in which it is applied over your dog’s body.

  1. Should I choose an oral or topical dog flea medicine?

Well, for faster results you can opt for oral medications but if you are looking for long term benefits then go for topical medicines.

  1. Can you use vinegar to get rid of fleas on a dog?

Yes, if you wish to go with a natural treatment then vinegar can work. But the effectiveness of a full blown infestation may have to be treated with medication.

  1. Does baking soda kill fleas on dogs?

Yes, a mixture of baking soda and table salt is a kind of natural home remedy to help your dog to get rid of fleas. However, full on flea infestations needs to be dealt with flea medication that kills off the eggs and all flea life cycles.










Hope this helps :)

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