Bravecto topical for dogs Flea and tick – dosage, side effects, and cost

Bravecto topical for dogs- dosage, side effects, and cost

What is Bravecto Topical for dogs?

Ticks and fleas are definitely not a good friend of your dogs. Your beloved pets hate them because they bite them and transmit diseases. Moreover, not only dogs but you and your kids can get those diseases. Soon it can become a big problem for everyone in your house if not treated. And the key to prevent this from happening is to stop them from sitting on your dog.

Luckily, there is a medicine called bravecto that treats fleas and ticks problems in your pets. This is a chewable medicine that gives 12 weeks protection to your dog from flea and ticks. In addition to this, it provides protection for 8 weeks from lone star ticks. This medication remains effective for a long time to prevent your pet buddy from Ixodes ricinus ticks and fleas. Applying a bravecto tropical is easy. But don’t give a bath to your pet after its application. Prescription form vet is recommended. But if your vet has already prescribed it then to know how it works, and its side effects, everything is explained in this article. So, stay tuned with us.

Dosage of Bravecto Topical  

The prescribed dosage of bravecto varies as per the size of your dog. Moreover, the weight of your dog also decides the dosage.

Weight band-

There are various weight bands for different size of dogs. The dogs are kept in different weight bands according to their weight.

  • Toy dogs- dogs whose weight falls between 4.4-9.9 lb fall in this category. The fluralaner content in bravecto is 11.25 mg/tube.
  • Small dogs- dogs whose weight is greater than 9.9-22.0 lb are small dogs. The prescribed range is 250mg/tube.
  • Medium-sized dogs- the bodyweight of a medium-sized dog lies between 22.0-44.0lb and the tube content 500 mg fluralaner.
  • Large dogs- their weight is between 44.0-88.0 lb and 1000mg/tube fluralaner is present in it.
  • Extra-large dogs- their body weight falls between 88.0-123.0lb and the medicine content is 1400mg per tube.

To know the weight band for your dog first take your dog’s weight and then buy medicine as per the weight. The medicine comes in a yellow color box for toy dogs. Similarly, each box has a different color that reflects the weight band for the dog. So, those buyers can easily find the appropriate one for their pet.

Dosage amount

One tube is sufficient for a dog belonging to every weight band. And it continues to 12 weeks. Moreover, the tablet version of the bravecto is also available. In case you want to give quick medication to the dog then buy the chewable tablet. It’s easy to give them in comparison to the tube. One dose is good to kill 100 percent ticks whereas you can expect the 98.8 percent reduction of fleas.

Side effects of Bravecto Topical  

Many ask the vet whether it is safe to give bravecto to their dogs or not. And the answer is its absolutely safe. Even the vet recommends it because of its effectiveness and eases of use. FDA has approved the bravecto. It’s tested on 294 dogs as per the study to determine its effectiveness and safe use. However, the common side effect of the medicine is seen on the dogs. Vomiting is a very common effect that your dog will experience after taking bravecto.

Moreover, some more common side effects were seen. For example, your dog will feel like:

  • Vomiting
  • Increased thirst
  • Less appetite
  • Seizures
  • Weakness and lack of energy

These are nonserious effects but seizure is an obviously serious one. So, if your dog feels seizures then take them to the vet. Moreover, these side effects are not life-threatening so it’s safe for dogs. But dogs with a long bad health history can face more side effects. Therefore, it is wise to consult the vet and explain the current medications and health concerns of your dog.

Cost of Bravecto Topical  

Bravecto topical isn’t costly. The original cost of medicine is $70. But some online pet medicine stores sell them at discount. However, the cost varies for different weight band. Bravecto topical is a cost-effective medicine which is available at different online pet medicine stores. Always, buy from reputed online stores like Amazon. Buying online comes with benefits like money-back guarantee, free shipping, and extra discounts. But you can even buy from the physical pet stores at an affordable range.

Ingredients in Bravecto Topical  

Bravecto for dogs topical contains an active ingredient called fluralaner. This belongs to the isoxazoline group and is an ectoparasiticide. This ingredient works against ticks and fleas within 12 weeks. Fluralaner works against black-legged tick, brown dog tick, and American dog tick. Moreover, if your dog is getting irritated from lone star ticks then apply bravecto as it is effective against lone star tick as well.

Where to buy Bravecto Topical for dogs

In order to buy the medicine, you need a valid prescription from the vet first. You can even get the medicine directly from the vet or any reputable pet retailer.

The price may vary at different stores but the variation will not be that much as it depends on the weight band under which you are buying. Since you have to apply for the medicine once every month it’s a cost-effective flea treatment for your dogs. Moreover, the discounts and deals that come with online buying make it further cost-effective.

Bravecto for dogs is a known product when it comes to treating your dogs with these small nuisance creatures. The application is also easy. Simply apply the small portion of the tube at 2-4 spots at the back of your dog. Don’t over-apply for the medicine. And avoid bathing or swimming dogs at least 3 days after application. After 3 days, you can give the bathe or take for swimming and it will still remain effective. Luckily, you can begin with the treatment at any time of the year without any concern.

Always remember to take prescription especially if the dog has a long history of complications.


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