Can Dog Fleas Live On Humans

Can Dog Fleas Live On Humans?

Can Dog Fleas Live On Humans?


Many people are unknown about fleas and how does it look alike. But if you found that your dog is behaving strange, and he is spinning erratically, biting himself then something is wrong with your dogs which you must find out- why and what is wrong. It may be possible that parasites like dog fleas are troubling your dogs. And if this is really the case then it is a topic of concern for you if you really love your dogs.

Almost 50 percent of people around your neighborhood today have pets and the most popular pet’s which you will see around you is dog. But with more dogs comes more insects bite diseases such as zoonotic diseases. Now since we are talking about fleas there are many questions which people generally think about fleas and regarding the prevention from a flea. In this article, all your confusing questions will be solved and you will get to know about dog fleas live on human or not, flea bites precautions, treatment of fleas, etc.

Can a Dog Flea Live on A human?

No pet parent will ever think that their pets like dogs get any trouble because of fleas. But it is much essential to know about these fleas- the dangerous-looking creature in the world if you are having a pet that you truly love. It can easily get acquired in your pet’s body but it is certainly not so easy to get rid of it sometimes. So, what is flea- it is a parasite which stays alive via the blood injecting process where they inject the blood of the warm-blooded living bodies such as dogs, cats and even human.

Thus, the body of the fleas comprises of the sharp looking mouth, spikes, etc. They suck the blood out of the human or dog’s body which has made the life of your pet’s or you for that matter hell. They are very small in size and shape- almost like 1/8 inches in size.

But most dogs’ fleas do not really live on the human body but exceptions are always there. Thus in cases, if you ever get any bite from the fleas in your body do not start wondering why that flea is biting me. But one bad news related to is there which you probably don’t want to hear from us. And the news is that fleas can inhabit around the human dwellings even if you do not owe any pet inside or outside your house.

Fleas can suck human blood and bite them and this is what the most they can do on a human body. This is what they do in search of sucking warm blood. Reason- this happens when they are unable to get the warm blood from dogs they bite the human. On the other hand, scientific studies say that fleas can live for a longer duration of time without feeding on the blood of dogs. But taking prevention from flea is always important to be acquainted with because you never know what can happen next.

What if a Flea bites me?

There are many people who still wonder about- flea can bite me or not or what should we do after a flea bite, etc. Thus to clear this confusion let us tell you that nothing will happen to you if any flea like dog flea will bite you. Chances are there that the area may get surrounded by the red market and you may get scared after looking at that part of your body. But don’t worry you don’t have to go to a doctor or take any major action after a flea bites you. There is no serious harm caused to you after a flea bites you. Moreover, you can notice some discomfort in that area until 48 hours after the bite. The red mark will disappear after 48 hours and no chances of any diseases are possible after the flea bites.

How to Prevent flea bites?

Generally, when a flea bites you in your body the area will get red and itching will be caused. But when it bites in your dog’s body it can affect a lot and you defiantly don’t want to see your pets in pain. Thus flea bites should be prevented at any cost, thus let us know how to prevent it-

  • You can use the flea treatment for your dogs in order to make them flea free
  • You should also make your house and house surroundings flea-free via cleaning your houses regularly
  • Make sure you cover yourself and your pet’s body fully since flea can jump into your body to various inches and flea cant bite you if you are wearing clothes
  • You can also use oils which can repel the flea or else you can use a diffuser all over your house
  • Additionally, you can also apply insecticides outside as well as inside your houses
  • Regularly, give baths to your dogs so that flea doesn’t get accumulated in your dog’s body
  • Recommended flea treatment (recommend Comfortis)

There are many ways in which you can treat the flea bites in your loving dogs. In this section, all you are going to know about is flea treatment which is highly recommended by us for your dogs-


It is a medicine which is the best suited to eradicate flea bites in your dogs or cats. It will treat the infection of fleas in the dog’s body. Plus, it is FDA approved medicine which one can enjoy chewing. Plus it is beef flavored medicine which can kill the fleas very easily and further provides prevention to the flea infestations on your dogs for a period if one month. Comfortis is a medicine which is very fast as well as offers very effective working and it is a convenient treatment for you dogs.

Other treatments for treating fleas are-

  • There are many other Oral tablets which can control the fleas
  • Topical flea solutions which are a liquid drop
  • Dog’s fleas’ collars which are very adjustable, flexible, thin.
  • Apply flea spays, flea shampoos, etc


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