cbd oil for dogs seizures and epilepsy

CBD Oil for Dogs Seizures And Epilepsy

Can CBD oil for dogs & cats help with seizures?

A dog or a cat having an epileptic episode could be a great source of panic for a pet owner. Luckily, advances in veterinary medicine have discovered a great natural remedy that could help manage a dog’s or a cat’s seizures: the CBD oil.

This article provides an introduction into seizure and epilepsy in dogs and cats, and how CBD oil can help naturally manage and treat this condition.

What is Seizures and Epilepsy in Dogs and Cats?

Seizures and epilepsy are more frequently reported in dogs than in cats, with only 2% of the feline global population getting diagnosed compared to the 5.7% of the dog population worldwide.

Seizures occur whenever a malfunction in the neurons (nerve cells) occur. Seizure attacks may happen once, or it may happen frequently. This is when it becomes epilepsy—a brain disorder that causes the nervous system to malfunction and cause frequent sudden and uncontrolled bodily movements.

Different Types of Seizures and Epilepsy

Seizures differ in their symptoms and their frequency. The following are the most common types of seizures and epilepsy that may affect dogs and cats.

  • Generalized seizures

These may also be called grand mal or major motor seizures. This is the most commonly diagnosed, and usually includes gross body movements.

  • Partial seizures

More common in cats. It affects only one part of the brain and body.

  • Psychomotor seizure

Involves odd behavior (chasing the tail, attacking an imaginary object, etc.) that only lasts for a few minutes.

  • Idiopathic epilepsy

This usually happens in dogs aged 6 months to 6 years. It is more common in certain dog breeds such as Australian shepherds, Labrador retrievers, German shepherds, and beagles.

  • Status epilepticus

This is the most life-threatening type of condition where there are persistent seizure attacks. Seizures last longer than 5 minutes and may eventually damage the brain.

How to Prevent Seizures and Epilepsy in Dogs and Cats

While all dogs and cats are susceptible to getting epilepsy, there are some changes you can do to minimize their risk of getting diagnosed with it.

  • For purebreds, pay attention to genetics

As mentioned, some dog breeds may be more susceptible to seizures. Ask breeders about the history of the puppy’s parents.

  • Feed a healthy diet

Dogs and cats with adequate nutrition are less susceptible not only to epilepsy but also to other diseases.

  • Get them checked regularly

Checking for brain tumors, liver disease, or blood sugar levels help minimize the risk of seizures. Early detection of health problems is the key.

  • Use remedies

Veterinarians may prescribe remedies such as phenobarbital or potassium bromide to help manage and prevent seizures. On the other hand, some vets may recommend natural remedies such as CBD oil, which will be discussed in the following sections.

Symptoms of Epilepsy in Seizures in Dogs and Cats

Some types of seizures may be noticeable while others like partial and psychomotor seizures, not so much. Here are some ways to tell if your pet may be having seizures.

  • Staring (star gazing), or spacing out
  • Repetitive jaw movements
  • Violent thrashing of limbs
  • Loss of bodily control, awareness, or consciousness
  • Jerking, stiffening, and twitching of muscles
  • Drooling
  • Foaming at the mouth
  • Falling to the side
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control
  • Walking in circles and bumping into things

Natural Home Remedies for Epilepsy and Seizures in Dogs and Cats

Sometimes, epilepsy can be resistant to drug treatments, which is why most veterinarians would recommend alternative treatments and home remedies.

  • Acupuncture

Involves inserting of thin stainless needles in specific points. It is said to be effective in seizures and other conditions affecting the nervous system.

  • Chinese herbal formulas

Chinese formulas are often derived from natural ingredients. Consult your vet on which formula he or she recommends to treat your pet’s seizures.

  • Food therapy

Feeding a nutritious, high-quality diet to your pet can help reduce the symptoms of epilepsy. Using fish oil may also help.

  • CBD Oil

CBD oil is said to help control seizures, as well as manage other conditions. The oil is either mixed with the pet’s food or given straight through oral administration.

CBD Oil and Its Use for Treating Seizures and Epilepsy in Dogs and Cats

CBD oil—or cannabidiol oil—has yielded promising and exciting results in a clinical trial conducted by neurologist Dr. Stephanie McGrath. The study, which ran from 2016-2017 at the Colorado State University’s James L. Voss Teaching Hospital, shared that 89 percent of the dogs that received CBD oil during the trial were reported to have reduced seizure attacks.

CBD oil works by targeting the endocannabinoid systems of dogs and cats. Just like in humans, a pet’s endocannabinoid system is responsible for maintaining homeostasis—a state wherein all internal functions of the body are balanced.

While CBD oil is sourced from cannabis plant extract, it does not have the psychoactive component of the plant—the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). It also comes in a tablet form, but the oil version is much easier to give to pets.

How Much CBD Should I Give My Dog or Cat with Seizures and Epilepsy?

CBD oil may be given using a dropper directly through the dog’s mouth or by putting drops on food. Alternatively, depending on the vet’s advice, it may also be rubbed inside the ears or on their bare skin, or dropped on their paw where they can just lick it off.

The amount of CBD oil to give our dog or cat depends on their body weight. Generally, the rule is to give 0.2mg for every pound of body weight starting at 5 lbs. Please refer to the following guide. <– dosage guide here.

Sometimes, the dosage may vary, depending on the CBD oil product that you have purchased. In this case, it’s often helpful to read the labels on the bottles, or to consult your veterinarian if you have any concerns.

While CBD oil may be beneficial for treating seizures in your dog or cat, it is not legal in some states. Check if your state has regulations on the use of cannabis before buying related products. Also, while the study mentioned the benefit of CBD oil in seizure frequency, it’s imperative to consult your veterinarian before buying or trying alternatives to anti-epileptic drugs.


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Seizures in Dogs and Cats

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Signs of a Possible Oncoming Seizure

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Types of Seizures

A seizure could either influence the whole body or just a part. These are both, standard kinds of seizures–.

the grand mal seizure and also.
the partial seizure.

Grand Mal Seizure

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Partial Seizure.

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Scientific Research On CBD For Seizure Care

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Can CBD Oil Help Dogs and Cats with Seizures?

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How Much CBD Oil Should a Dog or Cat Have?

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The Verdict on CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

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investigating the clinical
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King Kalm.
results practically quickly
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the King Kalm 300mg
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makes CBD items for
The oil itself comes in a
did not constantly follow me
As always, be sure to consult
interested to see if it would
reclining chair’s armrest as
As for Pookie, I wished to
momentarily, and also
my pet dogs the product.
The guidelines recommend
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in the remarks below!
products, you always wish to
Pookie can be a bored eater,
CBD oil into your animal’s
dogs. So for some pets, you
long time.
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Did King Kanine CBD Oil Job?
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You can buy King Kanine
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photo: https://cdn1-
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mean to only utilize it every
expensive case of the sugar
also Genie, and my feline,
pounds, I was giving them
CBD oil, Pookie had no
King Kanine, a firm that
the cost can be rather steep;
on the planet, particularly
CBD Oil For Your Family pet?
King Kalm 300mg CBD oil
pets the possibility to find
anxiety, as well as aiding
means, but they most
Because there is no federal
your family pet, like treating
To be clear, CBD oil does not
Chihuahuas, I was most
One problem is that there’s
received the 300mg
screening standard for CBD
problems, King Kanine
The oil definitely had an
As my canines fidget
way times. After taking the
hours straight, didn’t seem
products would likely aid
this is something I would buy
All of their CBD is originated
dogs? Did you see any health
clinical benefits? Or is it an
them out.
considering that all of my
no government requirement
essential to investigate any
residential or commercial
Betty, who can play for ten
might take some family pets
evaluation. King Kanine’s
likewise includes a syringe to
the center of the night, yet it
in your pet’s system, so it
the size of my pets, I think
results of CBD.
pricey for me. Though if your
That’s why it is constantly
teensy small amounts of the
have been few (and also in
pesticides. These strenuous
into like they normally do.
periodically yowl for food in
celebrations, like on the
Should You Get King Kanine
qualms resting right on my
pets. However does it work?
on a reward, allow it soak in
one of my pets absolutely
kind of potential CBD
dimension of your pet dogs,
into every space I entered
animals’ requirements.
for bigger pets, runs at $89.
about CBD oil just recently.
vendor you are purchasing
yet it’s simply for measuring
position the correct dosage
been the subject of current
might look daunting at first,
The largest difference I saw
substance actually have
other King Kanine items
natural hemp, and also the
container, which is excellent
Nonetheless, I noticed
If you are mosting likely to
CBD oil.
had on my animals, however
Pookie, the advised dosage
now and then, you might not
connected at the hip in any
Have you utilized any type of
a qualified ISO-17025 Lab.
King Kanine also supplies
I such as the impacts the oil
You might have found out
brown glass container. It
complete advantages. If you
I gave my 2 dogs, Betty and
try this item, be sure you are
pill effect?
as hyper as she can be on
CBD Oil for my dogs and pet
costs, so you can certainly
administer it to your pet dog
in this way.
for people and also family
Provided the cost as well as
Unless among my animals
itself. So my pets weren’t
measure out the proper
her from waking me up at
had not been as frequent as
Betty and also Genie really
providing your animal
recognize what you’re going
the case of animals, virtually
make certain that the
dosage for your family pet. It
it with your family pet,
injecting. No needles.
for your dog’s weight. I
product prior to you attempt
stimulate hunger or
may only require to utilize it
Fourth of July, to maintain
see if this would assist keep
CBD products with your pet
you don’t constantly
animals are under 15 extra
after giving it to my pet
CBD items that have reduced
CBD oil is intended to have a
animals do struggle with
some days.
find one that’s cost effective
Cannabidiol, or CBD, has
You can look into various
suppress nausea, to name a
What Is King Kanine CBD Oil?
well as snuggling up
animals, offered me and my
obvious result! It took about
quantity, and also
of the 300mg strength CBD
and also best for your
that put them in a particular
from finishes a level of
Thankfully, you can likewise
mouth, however my animals
requirements made me
There’s been a great deal of
buzz regarding it as well as
leading up to specific
them from freaking out
amount of pain, making use
alongside me. She still did
a couple of weeks to see the
buying the correct dosage
something new, including
( Image Credit History: King
and also I wondered if the
four in the early morning for
no) massive research studies
2 Dogs And A Cat Attempt
the time.
10 minutes or two, but every
for screening for CBD
The item functions best
were not having that.
controversy. Does the
wide variety of benefits for
which is what I did when I
tried King Kanine’s King Kalm
products are fully-tested by
image: https://cdn1-
help with their propensity
to get. There additionally
hemp is not expanded with
getting stoned or high by any
when it has time to build up

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