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What is Comfortis Blue?

Comfortis Blue are for large sized dogs weighing 40 to 60 lbs. The first FDA Approved oral flea medicine is Comfortis. The active ingredient in Comfortis is Spinosad which is toxic to insects.

Comfortis Blue 40-60lbs flea treatments for dogs

Benefits of Comfortis

  • Within 30 minutes to 4 hours fleas are killed
  • Administer Comfortis for your dog once a month.
  • Once Comfortis is administered, you can give a bath to your dog immediately without having to worry about the dilution of the flea treatment since it is taken orally and not applied on the surface of their back.
  • No staining on carpets, wood, furniture or any house hold items

Side Effects of Comfortis

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Comfortis Green For Medium dogs
Comfortis Pink For Very Small Dogs
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Comfortis For Dogs
Comfortis Brown For Very large Dogs
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