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Comfortis For dogs
Hey guys, Kea here. I wanted to give you guys a review of how Comfortis has helped my dog be free from Fleas. Check out The video Below :)

So far, I've checked my dog and he has no fleas crawling on him anymore. The fleas seem to have to gone away. No more itching for both him and my family!! Comfortis is pretty amazing and it comes in for all different sized dogs. So check it out. I am going to post a link below to get your supply of comfortis today so you and your dog can be itch free.
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What is Comfortis

Comfortis is a FDA-approved flea medicine that kills fleas and prevents flea infestations on dogs and cats for a whole month. Comfortis for Dogs and Cats requires a prescription from your veterinarian.


Dogs and Cats (14 weeks of age or older)


  • Kills fleas within 30 minutes to an hour
  • Kills fleas before they can lay eggs
  • Last a full month
  • Cannot be washed off
  • Comes in an easy oral chewable, beef-flavored tablet
  • The main ingredient- Spinosad, is an environmental friendly
  • Is safe to use on Dogs and Cats (14 weeks of age or older)

How Does Comfortis Work?

The active ingredient in Comfortis (Spinosad) kill fleas fast by hyperexcitation of the fleas nervous system.


Comfortis Active Ingredient​​​​

​The active ingredient in Comfortis is technically called spinosad. Spinosad belongs to a family of natural insecticides derived through a fermentation process done on two species of soil microbes.  

As you can see, nothing about the origin is artificial. Even the fermentation process being employed is completely done in a natural way.

Comfortis Ingredients Amount:

Comfortis for Dogs: 5-10 lbs - Comfortis for Cats: 4-6 lbs (Pink Box)
Active IngredientAmount
Spinosad140 mg
Comfortis for Dogs 10.1-20 lbs - Comfortis for Cats: 6.1-12 lbs (Orange Box)
Active IngredientAmount
Spinosad270 mg
Comfortis for Dogs 20.1-40 lbs - Comfortis for Cats: 12.1-24 lbs (Green Box)
Active IngredientAmount
Spinosad560 mg
Comfortis for Dogs 40.1-60 lbs (Blue Box)
Active IngredientAmount
Spinosad810 mg
Comfortis for Dogs 60.1-120 lbs (Brown Box)
Active IngredientAmount
Spinosad1,620 mg

Spinosad Activities Harmless to Pets

Spinosad does two things. It kills species that cause widespread damage among crops and other plants. On the other hand, it also kills external parasites affecting livestock, animals and even humans - without harming the parasites’ host.

It appears that the reported adverse responses to Comfortis such as vomiting with blood, diarrhea with blood, mobility condition, and neurological conditions are all just consequences of irresponsible judgment. Some people can go as far as saying that their pets have died without showing any evidence – no pictures of remains, no hospitalization images, no owner faces, etc. This calls for more research and strict implementation of laws covering proper use of the internet.


It Really Kills

The pills are designed in such a way that the effect can last up to one month. By that time, all the fleas should have been eradicated. After one month, give the 2nd pill with effect lasting for the same period.

However, the fleas present on a pet upon ingestion should have already been killed after 4 hours. You should see pests crawling out of your pet’s hair in as short as 30 minutes. Most of them would just do the freefall, so make sure you are ready to catch them with paper or a piece of cloth. Eggs will remain unaffected until they hatch.

Some Comfortis reviews mention about skin conditions such as scabies and mange.  You may consult your Vet about this as nothing about healing these diseases is promised by the product.

Comfortis Side Effects

Adverse reactions such as:

  • lethargy,
  • loss of appetite,
  • depression
  • incoordination
  • diarrhea
  • itching
  • trembling
  • seizures
  • excessive salvation
  • weight loss have been documented.

Please consult with your veterinarian to see if Comfortis is right for your dog. Your vet can advise you just in case you are worried about allergic reactions.

Comfortis Directions

  • Comfortis is a prescription flea medicine used in dogs and cats to kill fleas and further prevent flea infestations for 1 whole month.
  • Comfortis comes as a beef flavored chewable oral tablet
  • Comfortis can be given to dogs that are at the minimum age of 14 weeks of age, and also weighing at least 5 lbs
  • Comfortis can be given to cats that are at a minimum age of 14 weeks of age, weighing at least 4 lbs.
  • Administer 1 Comfortis flea medicine to your pet once a Month only.

Comfortis Dosage for Dogs:

​Dogs/Puppies (14 weeks of age or older):
5-10 lbs (Pink Box)
Give one 140 mg chewable tablet by mouth once a month. Comfortis may be offered in food, chewed , or administered like other tablet medications
10.1-20 lbs (Orange Box)
Give one 270 mg chewable tablet by mouth once a month. Comfortis may be offered in food, chewed, or administered like other tablet medications
20.1-40 lbs (Green Box)
Give one 560 mg chewable tablet by mouth once a month. Comfortis may be offered in food, chewed , or administered like other tablet medications
40.1-60 lbs (Blue Box)
Give one 810 mg chewable tablet by mouth once a month. Comfortis may be offered in food, chewed , or administered like other tablet medications
60.1-120 lbs (Brown Box)
Give one 1620 mg chewable tablet by mouth once a month. Comfortis may be offered in food, chewed , or administered like other tablet medications
Over 120 lbs
Give the appropriate combination of tablets

Comfortis Dosage for Cats:

Cats/Kittens (14 weeks of age or older):
4-6 lbs (Pink Box)
Give one 140 mg chewable tablet by mouth once a month. Comfortis may be offered in food, chewed,  or administered like other tablet medications
6.1-12 lbs (Orange Box)
Give one 270 mg chewable tablet by mouth once a month. Comfortis may be offered in food, chewed, or administered like other tablet medications
12.1-24* lbs (Green Box)
Give one 560 mg chewable tablet by mouth once a month. Comfortis may be offered in food, chewed, or administered like other tablet medications


Store Comfortis at room temperature (68-77 F).



How Long Does it take for Comfortis to kick in?

Spinosad, which is the main Ingredient in Comfortis, starts killing fleas within 30 minutes and killed 100% of fleas on dogs and 98% of fleas on cats within four hours. Additionally, Comfortis kills fleas before they can lay eggs.


Comfortis Straight up works. I have had good experiences, my brother has had good experiences, and many of my friends have good experiences with killing fleas with comfortis. I hope my review helps- check out the link below for huge savings you won't find anywhere on the internet.

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​Kea Kou

About the Author

​Kea here. I started this blog to help pet owners find better prices on flea medicine. I know what it's like paying an arm and a leg for pet products since I've spent hundreds of dollars on my wiener dog (Dachshund) named Mr. Beans. 

I've done all the research (testing, comparing, talking to other pet owners) and I share with you all that I find. I hope my Blog helps you make a better decision on which products are best for your pet and to help you save money at the same time :)

[schema type=”product” url=”” name=”Comfortis For Dogs” description=”Comfortis for dogs kills fleas really fast.” brand=”Comforits” manfu=”Elanco” single_rating=”4.8″ agg_rating=”216″ price=”$56.95″ condition=”New” ] Heres a review for comfortis. The information they share serves as a guide for owners in determining what’s right for their pets. Let everyone be reminded of the bond and the love that develop between these individuals and the animals that they take care of through years of togetherness.For that reason, let reviews for Comfortis flea pills keep coming and reviews for other brands as well. Whether the content negative or positive, it doesn’t matter. All of these will impact towards the end in a positive way. This review will also help you realize that you should keep striving to know more about your pet. You can find many cheap prices and Comfortis discount if you search online, but If you found my site then you’ve basically found the best prices since I have done my homework. You can basically buy comfortis without prescription.comfortis for puppies can also be found through the website that I recommend also. So let me know what you guys think. Thanks for stopping by my website. I hope my review has helped your dog alleviate itself of fleas. Please talk to your vet for any professional medical information.Chemicals misbehave for the atmosphere, terrible for dogs and even unpleasant for human beings. Prevent visibility to unsafe chemicals as well as make use of organic strategies for bug command.3 Easy Measures For Resolving Family pet Bug Complications Normally
Eliminating bugs without making use of chemicalsUnfortunately, I didn’t get a recording of the fleas jumping since I gave him a shower after I gave him the pill. But the video below is something similiar to what happened (not as bad as this though!) when I was in the bathtub showering for him. I didn’t put much water on him yet- I was just trying to see the fleas JUMP. And boy they were jumping alright. Once they jumped off I started giving him a shower with his oatmeal shampoo to help him with the itchyness.

One, you should acquire rid of the bugs on your pet dog. 3, you have to protect against bug re-infestation.View the total Bright Center Overview of Organic Vermin Management for Property & Backyard ”
Completely scour every portion of your animals body system, seeing to it to become delicate so you do not harm your animal’s skin layer along with the pointy comb pearly whites.Measure 1 – Doing away with Fleas on Your Pet dog
Provide your animal a bathroom utilizing an organic, pesticide-free dog hair shampoo. Permit the foams rest on your canine for a handful of moments to sink the bugs. After the shower, the majority of the bugs will definitely possess sunk and even are going to be actually spent, yet the eggs will definitely still live.Sweep your dog along with the dog comb daily up until there disappear bugs or even bug eggs.MARKETED TALES
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comfortis alternativesVacuum cleaner carpet and rugs to take out all indications of cooking soft drink and even sodium. The lifeless bugs and even bug eggs ought to vacuum up in addition to the sodium bicarbonate as well as sodium combination.
Along with handling your carpetings, clean dog bed linen and also individual bed linens often to obtain eliminate bug eggs.To eliminate the eggs and even catch any sort of continuing to be bugs, utilize a bug comb. When making use of the bug comb, possess a mug of water neighboring to plunge the comb right into whenever there are actually bugs or even bug eggs in the pearly whites of the comb.Bugs as well as bug eggs may make it through in carpet and rugs for fairly a very long time. The most ideal all-natural method to obtain eliminate all of them is actually along with cooking soft drink as well as sodium. Each sodium bicarbonate and even sodium dries out the bugs and even eliminates all of them.Sprinkle equivalent quantities of cooking soft drink and even sodium on completely dry carpet and rugs. Take note: Be sure the carpeting has certainly not splash, or even the cooking soft drink could possibly leave behind a white colored deposits.The greatest method to reduce bugs coming from getting on your animal and even going back right into your house is actually to make use of an organic preventive. Thinned down lemon extract water eliminates and also puts off bugs.Action 2 – Removing Fleas in Your Home – Photo Copyright: People Domain name
Possibilities are actually that if your family pet possesses bugs, therefore has your carpet and rugs.Leave behind the sodium bicarbonate on the carpet and rugs for provided that achievable or even approximately over night.

Pointer 3 – Protect against Bug Re-Infestation
There are actually possibly bugs in your lawn if there are actually bugs on your animal and also bugs on your carpeting.

Making watered down lemon extract water:

Outside Bug Command
Occasionally the yard turns into ravaged along with fleas.Two eco-friendly outside bug management alternatives are actually bug nematodes and even cedar.

Replay Daily
A married couple bugs could promptly increase in to a mature invasion. After the above 3 bug command actions daily till there are actually zero so much more indicators of bugs.

Cut one entire lemon (leave behind the peeling on), put 12 ozs of boiling water over the lemon and even permit this to rest over night.
Take out the lemon pieces and even put lemon water in to an apply container.
Apply softly on dog.
View making certain that the lemon water carries out certainly not aggravate your family pet’s skin layer or even create your family pet itchy.
Cease usage as well as routinely make use of the bug comb as an alternative if the lemon water carries out result in complications for your dog.
This is actually consistently a great idea to on a regular basis comb your dog along with a bug comb to capture bugs and also bug eggs just before these experts turn into a major trouble.

Bug Nematodes

The finest and even ideal method to receive to receive rid of outside bugs is actually to make use of bug nematodes. Bug nematodes are actually tiny bloodsuckers that get rid of bug larvae.


Yet another non-toxic possibility for outside bug command is actually to apply cedar apply around your lawn or even spray cedar potato chips or even grains around your lawn. Cedar is actually dangerous to bugs and even behaves as a bug repellent.

Cedar Precautions

The ideal as well as best means to acquire to receive rid of exterior bugs is actually to make use of bug nematodes. Bug nematodes are actually tiny bloodsuckers that get rid of bug larvae.

Perform certainly not make use of cedar waxings or even cedar food products which contain a ton of dirt. Taking in the dirt could result in respiratory system hardship in family pets.
Have certainly not make it possible for pet dogs to consume cedar. The intake of cedar is actually poisonous.
Carry out certainly not use cedar oil straight on kitties.
Some animals might experience skin layer sensitiveness to cedar. If your family pet shows skin layer responses to this, get rid of the cedar.

Trimming your yard to the suitable elevation decreases bug and even beat resorts. Certainly not cutting turf as well brief likewise assists bring in ants and even crawlers, 2 significant bug killers.
Bugs and also beats favor wet environments. Guarantee you are actually irrigating your grass appropriately. For damp, unethical places on your real estate, adhere to the suggestions listed below to confine the tourist attraction for ticks as well as bugs.
The Remainder of the Lawn
Cleanliness adds up when that comes to doing away with environments for bugs as well as beats to conceal and even put eggs. At the end of the increasing year, get time to wash up your lawn, landscape as well as storage space locations under a deck or even in a crawl room.
Examine family pet stamping grounds. Bug and also beat larvae other within FIFTY feets of your dog’s.
beloved relaxing locations. Tidy as well as deal with around any kind of great, shaded areas your dog plays favorites, including rooms under patios or even decks, under low-hanging bushes or even along fencing lines. Do not forget to handle pet dog jogs or even kennels.
Urban creatures hold ticks as well as bugs. If that is actually warm-blooded, this is actually possibly transporting a couple of blood-sucking pests. If animals go to frequently, take into consideration techniques to lower your garden’s look.
in the yard. Squirrels might be actually attracted by birdseed; computer mice could be actually devouring fruits on bushes. Certainly never permit wild animals to put together housekeeping under sheds or even decks on your house.
This therapy could protect against bugs as well as beats coming from moving right into your house, although these experts can easily still drawback a trip on you or even your family pet. This does away with concealing spots for ticks and also bugs.
Produce a no-migrate area. Develop an obstacle in between your yard and also neighboring timbers or even homes if your region is actually understood for ticks. Eliminate grass, comb and even ground cover.
Cedar compost pushes back ticks as well as bugs. Utilize this to line locations where your pet dog suches as to relax or even participate in to maintain bugs coming from shifting right into those locations.
Accept killers. Create your garden enticing bug as well as beat killers by maintaining yard trimmed to the appropriate elevation as well as integrating indigenous vegetations as well as leaf mold. Birds consume these pests, yet if you are actually suspendeding bird farmers, harmony the perk of bring in birds versus the danger of enticing squirrels or even various other bug- and also tick-carrying rats that devour spilled seed.
Allow the sunshine luster. Each ticks and also bugs like shadowy, wet locations. Trim bushes as well as plants to permit additional direct sunlight to enter your garden.

To get rid of the eggs and also grab any sort of staying bugs, utilize a bug comb. When utilizing the bug comb, possess a mug of water close-by to soak the comb in to whenever there are actually bugs or even bug eggs in the pearly whites of the comb. Adhere the above 3 bug command actions daily till there are actually zero even more indications of bugs.

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