flea allergy in dogs

Everything about Flea allergy in dog with right flea treatment

Everything about Flea allergy in dog with right flea treatment


A flea bite becomes the common cause of itching in dogs. But sometimes dogs feel allergic as well when a flea bites them. If your dog has allergy or itching all the time then you need to take them to the vet. Even if one or two fleas bite your dogs then your dogs will feel uncomfortable. The flea allergy dermatitis is one of the common skin allergies in dogs. When your dogs have an allergy then they face many problems. If you need to prevent your dogs from allergy then read further. If you don’t know anything about the flea allergy in the dog so read this article till the last. In this article, you will know about the flea, preventions, treatment of flea allergy in dog. So let’s start.

What are fleas?

Fleas are the small, too small insect and they don’t have wings means they are wingless. They feed on special types of host’s blood. There are more than 2000 kinds of fleas such as cat fleas, dog fleas, rat fleas, human fleas, bird fleas, and many more. As you have read here, the fleas have no wing but they have the ability to jump. They can easily jump 1/6 to 1/8 inches jump to the ground level. However, not all fleas jump. However, the fleas have developed legs but they don’t depend on their legs to jump. The fleas are cause of many diseases and their bite is very painful and irritating.

Dog flea symptoms

If you owe dogs for the first time then maybe you don’t know very well about the flea’s allergic symptoms.

The common symptoms when your dogs get a flea bite it feel allergic. If you ever notice that your dog is feeling itching or scratching them all times then maybe it is due to an allergy. When your dog’s itching then on their body have red patches. The red patches are the results of allergy or itching. The dogs bite that area and then they lose their hair in this area. Your dogs become weak and their bones also get weak because the flea feeds on their blood.


The diagnosis is important to check your dog’s condition. The doctor sees your dog’s body whether they have an allergy to fleabite or any other problem. So the diagnosis process is basically important to know the reasons behind itching in the dogs.


If the doctor sees any flea on your dog’s body then they provide treatment to your dogs. They will advice oral medicine that helps preventing your dogs from flea for few next months. There are various types of medicine available and the doctor suggests medicine according to the flea problem. In the oral treatment, the doctor gives lufenuron, spinosad, nitenpram medicines. The next treatment is topical treatment, in this treatment doctors suggest and provide gel to apply on dogs’ shoulders. The chemical medication includes following- fipronil, imidacloprid, pyrethroids, etc. This medicine kills the adult eggs, and larval stages fleas. This medication prevents your dogs for next month and for a long week.

You need to apply these medicines on your dog’s body as per doctor recommendation. If you do any mistake while applying this treatment then maybe this will not work and your dog will still feel allergic. You need to take care of your dogs too other than following these treatments. You should bath your dogs daily and use the shampoo that the doctor gives.


For future prevention, you need to know some points and apply them to it.

  • Clean your yard– The first step is to keep your yard clean if you have a yard in your home. You need to housekeep properly and trim or moved grass on the time and properly. Grass are the common places where fleas and ticks found.
  • Comb their hair– Many dog owners find tick and flea on their pets. Comb and brush the dog’s hair after coming from outside as fleas may have sat on their bodies. If you have a long hair pet then it is needed to prevent flea. And also cut the hair of dogs on time.
  • Clean your home– This is also an important stage for your dogs to keep them safe from future flea infection. It doesn’t mean that if your dogs have flea then your homes is dirty. But you need to do a daily vacuum in your home and clean the carpet daily.
  • You can take suggestion from the doctor to prevent your dogs in the future. You can buy some shampoo and get your dogs vaccinated to prevent from flea.


  1. If you detect or see flea’s allergy symptoms early then the treatments are easy. And you don’t need to take too much effort for it. You just need to know some symptoms that help you to detect early the allergy from fleabite.
  2. Your dogs licking excessive and scratching their bodies. If they scratch their body too much and get irritated then maybe the fleas have bitten them.
  3. If your dogs chewing their body part like tail, ear, too much and again and again. This is also another sign that you need to notice.
  4. If your dogs are rubbing their body regularly on the floor, furniture and walls, etc. They are rubbing because of the itching caused by flea bites.
  5. They change their behavior like chew their body parts as flea’s allergy symptoms. Sometimes your dogs is sneezing and wheezing.

Recommended flea treatment

To prevent your dog from serious problems caused by fleas right flea treatment is important. Experts vet recommend comfortis for flea problems. It is a tablet that contains spinosad, as an active ingredient. It comes in five flavors and prescribes to dogs as per their body weight. The minimum dose is 13.5 mg/lb. This medicine kills flea on their bodies and prevents dogs from serious health issues. It is an effective medicine that works fast and needs to be given once a month.

Flea is a treatable issue only when treatment is given on right time.









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