flea life cycle

Flea Life Cycle- Know About Some Details

Flea Life Cycle- Know About Some Details


The best pet that is available in every second home is the dog. They are very cute and lovely. However, this is the reason that people love them as their best friend. The things that people love are their soft and warm fur. It is good to cuddle the fur firmly. But what when your friend is suffering from some of the diseases? You must protect them from getting rid of that disease. Among all the other diseases, dog fleas are the most common type of disease that the dogs suffer from. The dogs easily come in contact with this type of parasite.

Dog fleas! Yes, it is the common parasite attack disease. However, pets like cats and dogs come in contact with this parasite easily. The fleas are ready to spread in the skin of the dog because of the eggs that it produces. Know about the flea life cycle? Then you can do this by reading this excerpt. In this, we are providing you with all the information related to the fleas through which dogs are infected.

Flea Eggs

Flea eggs are the first stage when the fleas grow. However, this is done when the female flea lays the egg on the fur of the dog. They do this with the help of the blood that it takes from the host. Blood is the necessary part that is there in growing the flea. The eggs are the white color objects that are tiny than the sand that is available on the ground. They are present in the fur of the pets in bunches which is reproduced from the single female flea. On the other hand, the flea lays 40 eggs regularly.

However, the eggs fall off the pest when it is disbursed from the environmental conditions. This is the thing in which the pets spend some of their time. Eggs are the one half of the population that the flea is having. They treat the skin of the pets as their home. The eggs take two days or a week to develop into the parasite that is infected to the skin and even to other pets. If the temperature is fluctuating then the eggs take a longer period for growing. But when they are finding the environment and temperature comfortable they start growing. After growing, the eggs move to the larvae which are the next step of life.

Flea Larvae

This is the next stage of the flea. The larvae are the flea that avoids coming out in the light. However, they develop with the help of pre-digested blood. In several weeks they develop. This is known as the adult flea which is having the debris in the environment. The larvae are also the legless white tiny portion that is ¼ inches long. However, it covers an average of 35 percent of the flea population. This is the average household that it is having. This is done by hatching their eggs. The bursting of the egg leads to another stage of the life cycle of the flea. The next stage is popularly known as the pupae stage or cocoon stage.

Flea Pupae

In the home, the flea population is decided with 10 percent of the fleas that are present there. However, this is the best stage of the flea growing which us known as the last developmental stage of life. It is before the adult flea emerges into some of the work. The cocoon protects the fleas from developing when they don’t find favorable conditions.  They can stretch them from growing for several months. But this happens in some of the cases at some period.

Moreover, they hide on the carpeting that is removing the light vacuuming or sweeping. The cocoon serves to protect the flea adult from the chemicals that are present in the environment when they don’t grow. Until it receives the presence and dirt from the host the flea will not emerge. Thus, this is the way that it creates vibrations. This, in turn, increases the level of carbon dioxide along with increasing the body temperature of the pet. However, this you can trigger when your dog moves from the side.

Adult Fleas

The pre-digested blood is the best which requires in the emergence of cocoon. However, they require this for a few hours. This is the way that the adult flea takes the first meal and start breeding. It may also lay their eggs within a short span of time. Until the female flea doesn’t get the perfect meal, they are not able to lay eggs. The adult fleas are having flat body appearance which makes them invisible in the skin of the pet. This is the stage when they get to know about the 5 percent population in the home. The adult spends most of the time living on the skin of the host. This is the way that the fleas lay their eggs and feed and breed. This they can do in several months on the pet.

Eliminating Fleas

This is the knowledge and the last stage of the flea cycle as you have to perform Flea infestation on dogs. You have to treat the environment and other dogs and pets that you are having. This you can do in several weeks. You have to wash thoroughly the environmental objects which get easily infected with the flea. Thus, it is the way that you can easily eliminate the fleas that are there on your pet.

What’s the Best Flea Treatment for Dogs and Cats?

Though there are many treatments which the doctors and pediatricians suggest, as per the recommendation, Comfortis is the best medicine. However, it is best to be used in the treatment of flea for dogs and cats. Comfortis is the medicine that takes at least three months from the dosage. This even stops from the re-infestation of the dog flea that is there. You can even get the medicine online with the best dealer. Thus, this is the best medicine with which you can treat the dog flea.






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