Frontline For Dogs Flea Treatment- Side effects, Cost, Dosage, Review

Frontline For Dogs- Side effects, Cost, Dosage, Review

What is Frontline Plus for dogs?

Frontline plus for dogs is an all in one treatment for your dogs that help them to prevent fleas, ticks and all sorts of other microorganisms. It also kills the eggs and the larvae of these nasty little creatures that prevent the re-occurrence of these creatures. This means that your dog gets a permanent relief from those pesky little monsters with the help of frontline.

Frontline has numerous helpful benefits for your dog such as:

  1. It helps by stopping flea infestation and provides a protection against it
  2. It kills all sorts of adult fleas and ticks and also kills their eggs and larvae as well
  3. It also kills the fleas and ticks that carry a disease
  4. Its effectiveness is waterproof as well which means bathing your dog won’t take away the effectiveness of the medicine
  5. It gives an all around protection from these parasites for 30 days to your dog

Frontline Plus Dosage

The dosage of this medicine depends mainly on the weight range of your dog and it is available mainly in 5 different doses for 5 ranges of weight for your dogs. Make sure that you give the dosage as per the below stated list and do not counter it otherwise your dog might need to deal with some side effects that we will discuss later in the post.

Here is a list of available doses as per the range of body weight for your dog:

  1. If your dog weights around 5 to 22 lbs then the dosage of 0.67ml will be best for your pet
  2. If your dog has a body weight that ranges between 23 to 44 lbs then 1.34 ml dosage will be enough for him and will provide the maximum effectiveness
  3. If the weight of your dog is somewhere between 45 to 88 lbs then consider giving him a dosage of 2.68 ml as it would be the best for your pet
  4. If the dog’s weight exists in between 89 to 132 lbs then you should give him a dose of 4.02 ml to get the most out of the medicine

Please follow the dosage guidelines for the medicine to be effective.

Frontline Plus Side effects

Your dogs are your most beloved four legged companions and it is necessary to be picky when getting medicine for them. After all, nobody wants their pet to be affected because of something odd. Frontline plus, while being super effective against the prevention and cure against flea and ticks – is known to have a few side effects as well.

Here are a few possible side effects your dog may experience:

  • Most common is irritation on the body part where frontline was applied
  • Skin turns red – this should fade pretty quick
  • vomitting
  • nausea
  • lost of appetite

Frontline Plus Cost

As per the popular online stores, the cost of the standard dosage (465-88 pounds) is reported to be around $66 and this may vary for the other doses as well. Moreover, the price may also differ from store to store and some might even include shipping charges as well.

Fortunately for your, I’ve done my research and found some super cheap and affordable prices for Frontline Plus. Click the link below.

Frontline Plus Ingredients

The main ingredient Frontline is Fipronil which is highly effective in killing fleas and ticks.

The second active ingredient is Methoprene, which is used to kill to the eggs, larvaes of fleas and ticks on dogs.

When combined, both of these ingredients product a powerful effect in killing fleas. I should note that some fleas in your area may be immune to this medicine- if that would be the case, you can find out my review for the best flea treatments for dogs here.

Where to buy Frontline Plus for dogs

You can click here to find out the best prices for Frontline plus.



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extraThe most common and the widely noticed side effect is the irritation on the body of your dog where the medicine was applied. The skin might also become red as well with the use of this medicine. However, this is not a matter of concern at all and is really common symptom. Moreover, this effect won’t last longer and will fade really soon.

The most obvious reason for this side effect is the active ingredient that has been used in this medicine and the next reason can be over-dosage of this medicine by the dogs which strictly needs to be avoided.

This miraculous medicine for the treatment of fleas and ticks of your dog is rich in terms of ingredients and constitutes of two major and powerful ingredients. The first ingredient is the Fipronil which is one of the active ingredients of this medicine and it is highly beneficial for the killing of the fleas and the ticks on the body of your dog.

The second active ingredient of this amazing medicine is the Methoprene whichb is also extremely beneficial for the killing of the eggs and the larvae of those fleas and ticks on the body of your dog.

Both of these ingredients when joined together provides an amazing protection against these creatures and prevents them from recurring back again. These ingredients are the core reason of this medicine to be highly effective and provide an effectiveness of one month to your dog.

There are a large number of sourced from where you can purchase this medication for your beloved companion. Let us have a look at the numerous sources one by one:

  • Online stores – one of the most simpliest ways is to order Frontline on Amazon. The thing is
  • Offline stores – you can always pay a visit to your local dispensary and ask them to provide this medicine to you. They will surely supply you with one.
  • Vet – Visiting a vet to get this medicine is the best choice since they will not only provide you the medicine but will also provide the guide to use it, proper dosage, and suggestions for your dog as well.