hemp oil for dogs

Hemp Oil For Dogs

Hemp Oil For Dogs

If your dog is suffering from chronic pain, inflammatory disorders, or anxiety, you may have heard of hemp oil, which is considered a safe and effective natural alternative to medicinal drugs. But do you know what exactly it is? Can your dog really benefit from it?


At present, there are lots of hemp-derived products, available on the market. Most of these are for human consumptions but products specifically designed for dogs are also becoming more popular.

Hemp oil is a general term describing oils extracted from different parts of the hemp plant. There are generally two types of hemp oil; one contains CBD while the other doesn’t. This distinction means that their uses and benefits are completely different.

Hemp vs. Marijuana

Many people tend to confuse hemp for marijuana or assume that they’re the same thing. But hemp isn’t marijuana. These two are varieties of a plant genus (group) known as Cannabis.

Hemp is primarily bred for its stalks, stems, and seeds, which are used for commercial products such as textiles, paper, and biodegradable plastics. In contrast, marijuana is specifically grown for its leaves and buds for recreational and medicinal purposes.

All cannabis plants contain cannabinoids, the most common of which are THC and CBD. Both hemp and marijuana have significant amounts of CBD, although its concentration in hemp is higher. Marijuana is high in THC – the substance that causes a “high” – but hemp contains only up to 0.3% THC.

Hemp Oil for Dogs

There’s a common misconception regarding hemp oil. Some mistake it for CBD oil while others buy it thinking it’s the perfect supplement for their dog’s diet.

If you’re interested in buying hemp oil for your dog, you should be aware of what exactly you’re buying. Depending on which part of hemp was used, the oil may or may not contain CBD.

CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD oil made particularly for dogs is extracted from stalks, flowers, and leaves of hemp. Therefore, it has minimal or no THC. It usually contains ingredients that boosts the effects of CBD and make them more appetizing to dogs.

Thorough studies regarding the effectiveness of using CBD to treat dogs is still underway. However, there are plenty of anecdotal proof from dog owners indicating that it helps relieve pain and suppress seizures. It’s also used to treat arthritic inflammation, reduce anxiety, fight nausea, and stimulate appetite. Primary research also suggests that CBD oil can help delay the spread of cancer.

Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs

As its name implies, this oil is made exclusively from the seeds of hemp. This is the only part of the plant that doesn’t contain any cannabinoid. For that reason, hemp seed oil has no CBD and THC and its purpose for dogs isn’t treatment of pain, cancer, or anxiety.

Hemp seed oil is given to dogs primarily as a supplement to their diet. Hemp seeds are rich in essential fatty acids which dogs may not get enough from their regular diet. It’s also used to cure skin allergies, manage weight, and improve the appearance of fur.

Benefits of Hemp

Aside from its array of industrial uses, hemp provides many health benefits when consumed. Hemp seeds are high in both insoluble and soluble fibers, which help in lowering bad cholesterol and improving digestion and heart health.

Made from seeds of hemp, hemp protein is a powder that contains more than 25% high-quality protein. Because it’s also rich in omega-6 and omega-3, it’s a great protein powder choice for vegans and vegetarians.

For a long time, hemp has been used to treat many health conditions, including asthma, arthritis, cough, and heart problems.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Many scientific studies have been done regarding the health benefits and efficacy of CBD oil. CBD significantly reduces pain and inflammation. It helps alleviate cancer-related symptoms and the side effects of cancer treatment. It can also improve heart health by lowering high blood pressure and prevent heart damage.

CBD oil is a promising alternative to pharmaceutical drugs for the treatment of anxiety and depression. It also promotes immune functions and harmonizes sleep, appetite, and mood.

Difference Between Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil

While both hemp oil and CBD oil offer impressive health benefits, their advantages are not the same. It’s important that you’re familiar with their differences so you don’t mistake one for the other.

Hemp OilCBD Oil
Other nameshempseed oil, hemp seed oilhemp CBD oil, hemp oil
Sourcehemp seeds (only)leaves, flowers, and stalks of hemp or marijuana
Contains CBDNoYes
Contains THCNo0 to 0.3%
Uses and benefits– as fatty acids and vitamin E, B, B1, and B2 supplement

– added to beauty or cosmetic products like soaps and lotions

– reduces inflammation and relieves pain

– reduces stress and anxiety

– provides relief from symptoms related to cancer

Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?

Research regarding the safety and risks of CBD oil to dogs hasn’t been completed yet. However, if you give your dog the proper doses with the right product, there’s no need to worry.

CBD oil for dogs is derived from hemp and contains no more than 0.3% THC. Therefore, your dog will be able to take advantage of CBD’s health benefits with little or no potential for risk.

While CBD is safe, it’s important that you talk to your veterinarian first before giving you dog CBD oil. Start with small amounts and carefully monitor the effects on your dog.

What to Look for in a CBD Brand

When you buy CBD oil, make sure that you look for the following:

  • Certified – Manufacturers of quality products are certified by third-party testing laboratories. This ensures that the indicated amount of CBD is correct and the oil has little or no THC.
  • Organic – You don’t want to expose your dog to potentially harmful chemicals. Organic CBD oil is extracted from hemp cultivated without the use of chemical pesticides or fungicides.
  • Price –If you want CBD oil of higher quality, you should expect to pay more.

Holistapet CBD Oil for Dogs is made with 100% natural and organic ingredients. It’s also certified by a third-party laboratory so you can be sure of its purity and potency.






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