How long does it take to get rid of fleas?

How long does it take to get rid of fleas? – complete information for you

What are fleas?

Fleas are the small nuisance creatures. They are tiny and blood-sucking parasites that irritate your dog and also infest the home, often before you realize that they have stepped into your home. The entire body of the flea is designed for maximizing eating, the head is enclosed by the sharp spikes, and mouth is skillful at a piercing through one’s skin and sucking the blood. These are of just less than 1/8 of inch in size and are the miserable creature for your pets.

If in case you found yourself and your dog rubbing your heads badly that means chances are that fleas have entered in your home. If you are wondering how to get rid of those and how long does it take to get rid of fleas then this article is here for you. Few steps you must mandatorily consider to reduce to these unwanted creatures.

Understand the flea life cycle-s

Fleas pass through 4 stages in the life cycle that is the egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The adult stays on the animals and lays the eggs. The eggs get spread out when your pet rubs the body. They hatch into larvae, if possible for those, into the comforts of bed, sofa, and carpet. The larvae form cocoons at the pupa stage where they hatch and become an adult that infest the animals. Knowing this is essential as various flea treatment products treat various parts of the flea lifecycle. So you must check out the label and then accordingly follow the instruction when coming to use it.

Prevention and treatment

Another best way to deal with unwelcomed fleas is prevention. Flea preventatives kill flea that comes in contact with the pet. Preventative prevents the pet from carrying those to your home. Various options are there, from pills to flea collars to the liquid applicants. You may talk to the vet about it so you may get the right one.

If your dog is having fleas, preventatives will kill those and it is important for you to take fast action like using the best recommended preventative. Make use of fast working chemical treatment or flea shampoo or pills that could kill fleas in a very short time.

Get fleas out of your home-

Killing fleas on your dog is not only the work you need to do. You must get those out of the home as it is also equally important as removing it out of pets. However, it requires you to have patience. In many cases, it requires 3 to 4 months to get rid of those as it requires long for all these fleas to go through an entire life stage. Few steps you must consider when you want to remove the fleas from your home.

  • You can apply the spray or non-toxic treatment for the yard
  • Vacuum the hardwood floors, tiled floors, carpets and also throw the vacuum bag
  • Treat your dog using a monthly preventative
  • Apply the environmental flea control such as methoprene or can call the nearby exterminator
  • Wash the bedding in soapy hot water

Talk to your veterinarian

When you are confused, you can call to the experts. Ask to the vet about how you can get rid of those fleas sooner as possible on your dogs. As the veterinarians are updated always regarding the latest fleas’ treatment and preventatives so they will surely help you in finding out the best and effective and, of course harmless treatment for your dog.

Where to buy flea medicine

When coming to buying flea medicine it is important to make sure that one you are going to buying should be fully convenient, effective and safe to use around pets and kids. To get the best you can get it either from nearby pesticide stores or medical stores or even from the online stores that particularly deals with these flea medicines. During the time of buying those, you must ensure that you get the right product and if you find not satisfying, you should be facilitated with money-back guarantees or with product replacement. The best-recommended medicine that vet asks pet owners to buy is Comfortis.

Our top picks-

Bayer K9 AdvantixII extra large dog- It is a reliable and a vet recommended flea medication that is very much powerful to kill all fleas there on your dog. It is easy to use and effectively kills fleas within just 10 minutes of its applying. This medication is listed on the top because of its greater effectiveness in killing almost all types of fleas. Thus your pet like a dog will be completely protected and safe against irritation and diseases.

Features of it-

  • Vet recommended medicine
  • Easy to use
  • Waterproof

Kills fleas easily at all life stages

Frontline Plus for dogs- It is the waterproof flea treatment with very fast-acting as well as long-lasting medicine that easily kills fleas at its all life cycle stages. This medicine is designed for use on the dog 45-88LB. It provides nonstop flea protection for a month completely. This medicine is a well tested and approved flea medicine that is today trusted by many vets for about 20 years. This product has become an ideal selection for pet owners that are in search of the right flea medicine.


  • Highly trusted by vets
  • Assures 30 days of protection
  • Waterproof solution
  • Long-lasting and fast working medicine

Advecta II Flea treatment- It is a budget-friendly medicine that a pet owner can easily use and it contains powerful active ingredients. It is a fragrance-free and waterproof formula that easily kills flea within the 12 hours of its applying. This easy to use solution kills fleas at its different life stages. There are many reviewers saying that the product works very well and one can surely rely on it.


  • Affordable costs
  • Contains all good ingredients
  • Kills flea with the application of 12 hours
  • Waterproof and fragrance-free medicine

These are the top picks that you can use for getting rid of fleas.


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