Learn How to get rid of fleas in house

Learn How to get rid of fleas in house


You know that the fleas you see on your dog or cat in your home can make up about 5% of the flea population easily at your home. Flea lay down the eggs and larvae hide deep into the carpet fiber, into your pet’s bed and furniture as well. Those you see are just a small proportion, making your house theirs. Different stages are involved in the flea lifecycle. It is true that sooner you take the right action, safer will be the pet and your home and of course family members. So to know how to get rid of fleas in house stay here in this post and learn all about those.

How long can infestation last?

It is not actually possible to state that how long the infestation can last. In simple it is not possible to determine the exact length of time of the fleas. It is sure that as long as they have full access to the food source they can survive anywhere. Until they get a warm environment and get access to blood meal they will survive. As every day they lay multiple eggs that easily get spread to the entire house the chances of getting their population getting multiplied becomes higher. Talking about how long infestation last in your home and pet is based upon how you treat them. Also, it is based upon which best medication, treatment solution you are using, in what fix time interval you clean your home and provide bath to your pet. If you are fixed at regular cleaning of the bedding, furniture, and providing bath to your dog then the infestation won’t last long. Instead, it would be difficult for them to survive there longer.

How to get rid of fleas in your home

Your dog is continuously rubbing. Something small gets into your bedding, sofa or carpet. Instead of freaking out, you should take control by taking few measures.

Activate up your vacuum cleaner-

If you rarely use the vacuum, the flea will get adopted to the habitat changes. Vacuuming on a regular basis will lower the number of fleas and eggs from your carpet, curtains, and sofa or into the wooden floor or furniture. Don’t forget vacuuming the areas where your dog or cat sleeps and have a meal. Either empty the vacuum cleaner bin or throw the bag you are using. Consider vacuuming to the parts of the home like bedroom, kitchen, and living room at least once a week. If in case you have serious flea development then steamed cleaning will remove them. In a bad situation, you may call the exterminator.

Use flea comb-

A flea comb with very small teeth will do the best job of removing the fleas. Consider doing it outside not into your home. While combing you can keep a warm and soapy water cup and use it for dipping the comb for drowning flea.

Wash bedding into hot soapy water-

Hot soapy water removes flea easily so wash the bedding of your pet on a regular basis. If your pet sleeps in your or kid’s bed consider washing it too.

How to get rid of fleas in your yard

If your pet is having flea and you have seen those in your house, chances are 100% of those been surviving to the yard. There are many options that will work without letting you at risk.

Plant the flea repelling plants- Peppermint, rosemary, lemongrass is having natural oil that easily repels fleas. Use those to keep fleas away from the yard.

Eradicate dead leaves- You can remove dead leaves from under bushes and flower beds. Just remember the dark and damp places are flea’s favorite place so watch and clear out that space clearly. Try to provide that area sunlight.

Trim lawn- Cut down the overgrown bushes and hedges.

Use nematodes- You might be thinking what are they. Nematodes are the small worm that feed on organic matter. Several types of nematodes are there. Steinerma and Carpocapsea are a very good one and targets fleas. Simply spray nematodes in your garden and lawn. They will kill about 90% of flea within 24 hours. Those are safer for your dogs.

How to get rid of your pet’s fleas?

Getting rid of fleas begins with a pet that survives at home. Here are few ways that will help you to get rid of those easily.

Flea bath- It is the popular and fastest flea treatment for the pet. Give them a bath using medical shampoo to provide fast killing of flea and should be used for pets on a timely basis. Be sure to read the shampoo label so that you get to ensure to use the right one based upon your pet age and type.

Pet flea spray- many sprays in the market are available that eliminates flea. Most sprays are offering fast killing of fleas and protection against reinfestations. It is important for you to read a spray label before using it.

Recommend flea treatment

Novartis Capstar flea tablet for dogs and cats- If you are in search of the best oral flea treatment then this will be an excellent choice. A single dosage tablet kills flea in just 4 hours of applications. It is the best for dealing with an infestation and is a safer top use option for you.

Features of it-

  • Kills fleas faster
  • Single dosage treatment
  • Ideal for cats and dogs
  • Easy to administer

Frontline Plus for dogs small dog- If you are a happy owner of a small dog then using this flea treatment will surely a perfect solution for keeping the pest at a distance. This is the waterproof and a long-lasting solution that kills pests quite faster and it works for a month without stopping. This flea treatment product is designed for use on the dogs that size up to 5-55LBs.

Features of it-

  • Waterproof
  • Works for a month continually
  • Kill pests faster
  • Easy to use solution
  • So these treatments can be used for killing fleas easily.

It can be relied on killing fleas, lice, ticks and flea eggs and also preventing the development of new infestations.







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