How to remove a tick

How To Remove A Tick?

How To Remove A Tick?


Often people misunderstood about ticks that they are insects, but NO it is not an insect. But it is bloodsucking arthropods which are smaller in size. Have you ever wondered why your dogs are getting frustrated by their bodies at the time and scratching themselves? Well, if not then think about and notice them for a while. After noticing them you will realize that something is reciting on their body which is bothering them and that might be a tick!

Sighting a tick can be a dangerous experience since it is not so good looking creature at all. So, how to remove them without wasting any time? Well, it is quite easy to remove a tick which you will get to know about it in this article further. In addition to this, you will also get to know about what you should do with the extracted tick, about the right to call the doctors, tick’s hiding places, how to check that places, how to take care of your loving pets, a recommendation regarding the treatment of tick, etc.

How to remove a tick?

Removing a scary-looking tick is simple and easy only when you know everything about it. If you really care about your dogs then learning the way of removing ticks is quite beneficial for you. Also, one should remove the ticks from your adoring pets as soon as possible in order to avoid any diseases which can cause them major problems in the future. Here read about the step by step guide related to the treatment of tick and way of removing ticks from your pet’s body-

What should I do?

Requirement- you will require tweezers for this process.

First step

Firstly, do not panic and pick up the tweezers which you are about to use in this process. These tweezers can help you catch the tick easily from its mouth or from its head, skin, etc.

Second step

Until the ticks come out from the skin of the dog just make sure that you are holding and pulling the tick gradually and firmly. Avoid twisting, rocking, bending the tick from many sides or top to bottom.

Tip- Do not fear if the tick is not fully out of the skin and it will come out eventually after this process all on its own.

Third step

You can put the tick on any object like jars, containers, etc and close them inside it.

Fourth step

Now wash your hands with any soap and water to avoid any allergy or infection.

Fifth step

In this step, tick has to be cleaned with the alcohol.

Thus follow all the above-mentioned steps and please be safe during the removing of ticks because they cause a bacterial infection which gets transmitted very quickly in both human and dog’s body.

What Do I Do With the Extracted Tick?

You have two simple choices depending on your requirement-

  • Get rid of it and throw it away
  • You can also put them under testing in order to know about them in detail

In the first case, you have to put that tick on the container, zipper, pill bottle, etc which can be sealed easily so that it can be utilized for the further identification procedure. You can also further take them to the doctors and ask them regarding the tick or refrigerate them for 10 days with the purpose of testing them.

In the second case, you can flush them in your toilets, wrap tape on them tightly, and put alcohol or soapy water on them to destroy it fully.

When Should I Call My Doctor?

If you see the situation is not under your control and you cannot remove them all by yourself then you should definitely call your doctor for sure.

Check Tick Hiding Places

The tick can be hidden anywhere in your dog’s body you just have to check where it is exactly. If you want to make sure no deceases are caused to you dogs because of tick then you can look out for the following places in your dog’s body-

  • Inside the years of you dogs

Generally, tick has been seen around the ears of the dog. It is a good place where they can hide on easily without getting seen by anyone else.

  • In between the toes of your dog’s leg

It is very small in size thus it gets very difficult to sight the ticks in many places but in toes, you can find them much easier as compared to other places. Check the feet of your dogs more frequently so as to avoid any further harm to your dog.

  • Look under the trail of your dog

Since tick likes to settle done at the area which is moist and dark thus trail is a much comforting place to them.

  • At the genital region

Since this region is also much moist and dark thus check the genital region of your dogs more frequently.

Also, the hidden place includes under the collar, around the eyelids, etc

Care for Your Pets

Take care of your pets by the following tips-

  • Take the year-round preventative measures during all the season of the year
  • Never use the old preventive products
  • Regularly check your dog’s feet, ears, trail, genital region, where the tick hide frequently
  • Always clean your yards or outdoor places where your dogs play all-day
  • Take your dogs to the doctor and maintain the regular tick checks
  • avoid using canine-related products, etc

Recommended Tick treatment

Firstly, you should keep your dogs away from dirty places where the chances are more than tick can attack your dogs. But in case if the tick is accumulated in your dog’s body then here we provide you the best suggestions for treating ticks-

  • First of all, you should do the spot-on treatment
  • Then you can also proceed with oral medications
  • Purchase the shampoo which comprises of medicated ingredients which can kill the ticks and apply on them
  • There are tick dips and collars which you can use on them to avoid any further infection
  • Revolution for dogs- It is a highly product that is very effective on your dogs and treat them with just one dose


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