How to tell if fleas are gone from your house

How to tell if fleas are gone from your house?

How to tell if fleas are gone from your house?

You all know that when you get a small puppy at your home for spending time fruitfully, you never like anything to interfere between you and the dog. If a stranger tries to interfere with your lovely puppy, you get into an argument with that individual. But sometimes, when a veterinary specialist is trying to interfere, then there is something very precarious that you cannot neglect. It could be a disease or the infection due to the presence of flea in the dog’s room.

Now, never ever take his advice regarding the fleas for granted because if it is not given attention, it can take new shape. It happens sometimes that you see your dog continuously scratching his ear or any other part of the body and you consider it as a normal phenomenon. So it is advisable to consider your pet as your own child so that the bond between you two shouldn’t get end.

Sometimes, even after taking preventive measures, it becomes tedious to identify whether the fleas are gone from house or not. However, you don’t have to worry as this article will help you in checking the presence of fleas.


It is very important to learn the process of identifying the flea within your home and in the vicinity of the dog. Generally, it happens that even after eliminating the flea from your home, you still see that the dog is scratching the skin. You think that the adequate chemicals given to the dogs has made the fleas vanished. But it is not so. How to tell if fleas are gone from house? There are some techniques that help you in identifying, whether the fleas are present in surroundings or not. Once you know the techniques about the fleas you can easily eliminate it and prevent it from threatening your dogs.

Inspect Your Pets for Fleas

It is very important for an individual having pet in the home to learn to differentiate between the fleas and itching. When your dog has been infected with the flea, there will be redness on the skin of the dog. Besides that, the flea leaves a dark colored poop in the periphery of the dog skin. In addition to this when you comb the skin of the dog there will be black fluid material that will come out of the skin. These are the signs of the infestation of the dogs with the fleas.

Immediately when you encounter that your dog is suffering from the flea, it is required to provide proper medication to the pets. Once you provide the medication like tablets, and pastes the infection of fleas can be eliminated.

Inspect your home

To identify the flea in the domestic premises there are certain signs, with which you would be able to take appropriate measures against them. Some of these are

  1. Checking with the help of comb, whether the tiny black dust is coming through the skin of the dog or not.
  2. Checking around the presence of dust like particles near the premises where the pet is domesticated.
  3. Applying the jelly on the skin of the dog, if there are fleas the fleas will get stick to the jelly and you can easily remove it.
  4. Check for the brown speck which is also called as flea dirt. Flea dirt is basically a coagulated piece of blood that is left behind by the fleas.

Inspecting the yard

It is seen that whenever you have pet domesticated inside the home you can easily eliminate the presence of the flea. However, when it is placed in the yard, it becomes quite challenging to tell fleas are gone or not. Nevertheless, this article has the ways to inspect the yard effectively some of the ways are

  1. It is important to do regular cleaning inside the yard with proper pesticides.
  2. Using flea sprays suggested by the veterinary doctor inside the yard so that the larva of the flea will get cleaned.
  3. Always use the chemical that has the presence of Diatomaceous earth powder that reduces the time of creation of larvae of fleas.

Treating your pet against fleas

Once you have implemented proper measures in the yard and the homes, now comes the turn of the pet. There are various measures that you need to take to know whether the fleas are gone or not from the pet’s body. Whenever you see the signs of fleas on the skin of the dog the first step is to quarantine the dog so that other diseases should not surface.

It is important to kill the larvae of the fleas once you clear the larvae then it takes time for the other flea to take shape. There are many pesticides like methoprene and pyriproxyfen that are required to kill the fleas. These chemicals are so strong that the fleas cannot generate resistance to such chemicals.

Another way of killing the flea is the use of capstar flea. This flea uses the same chemicals that is mentioned above and eliminates the fleas. The best thing is using the comfortis that is basically a tablet that is consumed by the pets. Make sure that after medication is taken against the pets, don’t make them bath for 5- 6 days. Once you do that the corrective action of the chemicals will get reduced.

Recommended flea treatment

Comfortis is a popular medicine that is usually given by the veterinarian to deal with the fleas. Comfortin consists of the beef flavored tablet. It is used for killing the fleas and eliminates the infestation of the flea on dogs. The best thing about the fleas is that the eggs of the fleas can be killed. Once the eggs are killed, it takes a long period of time to regenerate a larva of the fleas. The action of the comfortis is very prompt.

Just remember that there are certain procedures that need to be followed to apply the comfortis on the skin of the dog. Use it appropriately under normal doses. Don’t exceed the limit otherwise it will be harmful for the dogs.

Hope now you can confidently tell fleas are gone or not.


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