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Two Dog Flea Treatments to Help Your Pet

Having fleas can be uncomfortable for your pet. In extreme cases, it can even be fatal. It is important for any responsible pet owner to seek the right treatment for fleas as soon as they are detected. There are also products that are formulated to prevent them from infesting your pets. Two of the most popular products in the market today are Comfortis and Nexgard. Check them out in this review.

​What is Comfortis

Comfortis is an FDA-approved medication that prevents and kills fleas on dogs and cats. Highly effective, it exterminates fleas in as quickly as thirty minutes, preventing them from laying eggs. This product provides protection to your pets against fleas for one full month.

Here are more advantages of using Comfortis:

This is a convenient way to treat flea infestation because it comes in chewable, beef-flavored tablets. You don’t have to worry about messy applications. It is safe for canines that are 3.3 lbs or more, felines that are 2 lbs or more, and pups and kittens that are 14 weeks old and above.

Moreover, you don’t have to isolate your pet after treatment. It does not wash off, so your pet can bathe or swim even after it is given the oral medication. You can maintain regular interactions with your pets. If you want a family-friendly safeguard against fleas, then Comfortis is the best choice.


How Effective is Comfortis at Killing Fleas?

Comfortis contains an active ingredient called spinosad which can kill fleas within 30 minutes of administration. Most testimonials say that the fleas die before your eyes. 98% to 100% of the fleas on your pet will be killed within only 4 hours. Your pet will be flea-free and protected for a whole month because the fleas will die before they are able to lay eggs. As you continue using Comfortis, flea infestation will be prevented. If you see new fleas, it may be likely that your home or environment may be infested and you should control the infestation with other approved flea products.

How Effective is Comfortis at Killing Ticks?

While spinosad works very well against fleas, it also can pull loads of ticks off your pets. Once they get off, your pet won’t pick them up again with continued dosing. Consequently, make sure that your home and the environment where your pets live is also free from tick infestation

Side Effects of Comfortis

Comfortis is generally safe to use. Some adverse effects include the following:
In some cats, the most common side effect is vomiting. Others suffer from decreased appetite, diarrhea, weight loss and lethargy. It may also not be safe for pregnant, lactating and breeding cats.

In some dogs, the most common side effect is also vomiting. Others include incoordination, decreased appetite, depression, seizure, itching, drooling, and trembling. Caution should be exercised when your dog is breeding or has a history of epilepsy.

The adverse reactions are sporadic and considerably mild. These side effects are typically brief and decrease upon repeated dosing. However, if these the abovementioned signs are seen, bring your pet to the veterinarian immediately.


How to Administer Comfortis

Treatment using Comfortis can begin any time. The medication is most effective when administered one month before flea season followed by a monthly dosing throughout.

When administering this product, it is best to consult your veterinarian first regarding your dog or cat’s specific needs. The following are general guidelines on how you can use this product on your pet:

  • Only administer Comfortis with a FULL MEAL
  • Administer it on a monthly basis
  • It is best to give Comfortis uninterrupted all year-round
  • For maximum absorption and optimal performance, it is best administered with food
  • Always give the correct dosage as prescribed by a veterinarian
  • If a dose is missed, administer Comfortis immediately then proceed to administer on a regular basis in the succeeding months
  • Comfortis can also be administered as other tablet medications

    For more information, it is best to review the product labels and ask your veterinarian. Comfortis is not available over-the-counter. It can be obtained through your veterinarian. He will be able to prescribe the proper dosage for your pet’s health. Never administer this product or any pet products or medications on a trial-and-error basis. It could endanger your pet’s health or life.

    Additionally, a veterinarian can provide other recommendations regarding flea treatment and measures that will help you avoid re infestation.

    It is important to keep Comfortis out of children’s reach as it is not safe for humans.


What is Nexgard for Dogs?

Nexgard is a delicious and soft beef-flavored tablet that is administered to dogs to kill and prevent fleas and ticks. It is effective for month-long protection. This product is proven safe for dogs and is an FDA-approved -treatment that you can trust. These chewable tablets come in four sizes and color-coded packages. It can be obtained through your vet.

Nexgard is an oral product and can be administered with ease. Upon taking this product, your dog can resume regular activities including swimming, -bathing and playing with you and your children.

​Does Nexgard Kill Fleas Effectively?

Nexgard is effective at killing fleas because it contains afoxolaner. This active ingredient over-stimulates the fleas’ nervous systems and kills them even before they can lay eggs and multiply. As they die, they rise up to your dog’s hair coat then you can brush them off. Nexgard has been proven to kill 100% of fleas in a pet’s body within 24 hours.


Does Nexgard Chewables Kill Ticks Effectively?

NexGard is also known to demonstrate 100% effectiveness at killing American Dog ticks post-infestation for as much as 30 days. Afoxolaner is also known to treat and control Black-legged Tick and Brown Dog Tick infestations that are common in dogs and puppies.

Side Effects of Nexgard

Administering Nexgard has some adverse effects on dogs including vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite, cold limbs, pale gums, lethargy or depression and dry skin which may cause itching, scaling, and hives. If these signs are seen, bring your pet to the veterinarian immediately.

Nexgard should not be administered to breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs. If your dog has a history of epilepsy or seizures, use Nexgard with caution.


Nexgard Coupons

You can get yours here.

How to Administer Nexgard

Nexgard is safe to use along with other medications and vaccines. It is also safe to use on any breed of dog, as prescribed by your veterinarian. However, you cannot use Nexgard on cats.

  • Do not give Nexgard without prescription.
  • You should administer Nexgard once a month. It will work and keep on working for the next 30 days. Do not re-administer until the month is over.
  • Make sure that Nexgard is administered according to your dog’s body weight.
  • The whole tablet should be consumed for optimal results. You can give it with or without food.
  • It should be given to puppies that are no less than 8 weeks old and weighs 4 pounds or greater.
  • If a dose is missed, give one immediately and resume the regular monthly dosage. Never give two doses of Nexgard at one time.
  • Make sure that Nexgard is stored in a cool and dry place and out of children’s reach.
    It is good practice to consult with your veterinarian prior to administering Nexgard as well as when your pet suffers any reactions.

In Conclusion

If you are wondering which one to get- ask yourself... do I have problems with fleas only? or do I have problems with fleas and ticks? Personally, in my area the only problem are fleas. So I'd go with Comfortis, however, If I were to take my dogs on hikes and stuff - and/or my neighborhood was infested with fleas and ticks I'd go with Nexgard.


Hope this helps :)

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​Kea Kou

About the Author

​Kea here. I started this blog to help pet owners find better prices on flea medicine. I know what it's like paying an arm and a leg for pet products since I've spent hundreds of dollars on my wiener dog (Dachshund) named Mr. Beans. 

I've done all the research (testing, comparing, talking to other pet owners) and I share with you all that I find. I hope my Blog helps you make a better decision on which products are best for your pet and to help you save money at the same time :)

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Bugs can easily be actually an issue for your animals all year, bug populaces usually burst concerning 5 to 6 full weeks after the climate begins to heat up. Income unique interest to bug protection in the spring season as well as very early summer season months.Locating the wrongdoersDark flecks on your pet dog or even in your pet’s mattress could be actually “bug gunk” – the bowel movement coming from grown-up bugs. There are actually 2 quick and easy means to look for dark flecks:Operate a bug brush over your canine, creating certain the comb meets the skin layer by means of the layer. You could become a bug comb coming from your veterinarian or even dog seller.
Or even set a white colored newspaper towel underneath your animal and also wipe your palms all over its own coat. That could be actually bug gunk if dark flecks show up on the towel.
If plagued along with bugs, your pet could turn into really anxious, upset and also might damage extremely. When you find bugs on your pet, your property is actually perhaps presently component of the issue.Associated: Ticks as well as bugs and also burrs– Oh my!
Dealing with bug problemThere are actually 4 components to the therapy of a bug problem:Eliminate grown-up bugs that are actually presently on your canine.
Get rid of newly-arriving grown-up bugs on your pet. That could have 3 or even flour months to eliminate all the brand new grown-up bugs developing coming from pupae in the house surrounding.
Avoid even more problem of the house using an insect development regulatory authority (IGR) to prevent the hatching of feasible bug eggs and even avoid the growth of larvae right into grown-up bugs.
Crystal clear the property and even the atmosphere of bug eggs, larvae, and also pupae that are actually presently found.
You may attain the 1st 3 by managing your pet dog routinely along with an item which contains 2 energetic substances (one to get rid of grown-up bugs, the various other to reduce the property development of larvae and even eggs.) Inquire your vet for the proper suggestion for your canine.Bug pupae are actually safeguarded by their cocoons – all pupae will definitely need to hatch out and also be actually eliminated as grown-up bugs on the family pet. That could remove many full weeks for all pupae to hatch out in a plagued surrounding. If peaceful, pupae could exist for several months in the surrounding, which is actually why motivating all of them to hatch out (by permitting your pet dogs to wander their standard niches) and even frequent bug therapy are very important in assisting to clear a property of an invasion.Make sure to filter all pet dogs and even felines at home, utilizing proper procedures advise by your veterinarian. Some family pets great at covering up the indicators of a bug problem. If one pet dog is actually plagued, all dogs in the family could be actually.Stopping potential problemsAside from administering a vet-recommended bug avoidance item, the observing measures can easily additionally assist avoid bugs coming from infesting your dogt:Bloodsuckers are actually “freeloaders” that reside in or even on yet another critter. Bugs are actually one of the most typical outside bloodsucker located on canines (as well as pussy-cats). Bugs are actually much more most likely to be actually an issue throughout warm-weather months, these experts may likewise lead to concerns during the course of cooler years as a result of to their capability to proceed their everyday life pattern inside your homeOften vacuum the locations your canine patronizes, specifically carpeted places in your house, any type of household furniture that is actually often visited by your canine, and even your automobile (if your dog trips in your vehicle). This will certainly tidy up as several adolescent bugs (pupae, eggs and even larvae) as feasible.
On a regular basis clean your family pet’s bed linens, quilt as well as various other cleanable things in the most popular water achievable (check out the washing directions making certain that cleaning in warm water will not hurt the object).
Maintain your backyard orderly. Cut your grass and also clear up any type of fallen leaves, comb or even cuttings.
Occasionally put up door floor coverings, throw rugs as well as various other non-washable products in straight sun light.
That deserves the initiativeWhen a bug attacks your canine, that places a percentage of spit in the skin layer. Your pet can easily establish Bug Allergic reaction Dermatitis (CRAZE) in response to this spit, which triggers serious itchiness. Along with your family pet scraping or even attacking overly around the rear, back end or even genitals, bumps or even crusts might likewise seem on your animal’s the neck and throat or even back.
If also lots of bugs draw their blood stream, aplastic anemia might happen in pet dogs. The indicators of aplastic anemia feature dull gum tissues, weak spot and also sleepiness in your dog.
Pet dogs could get tapeworms by taking in an afflicted bug. Pet dogs could possess extreme rectal irritation, as well as tapeworm sections could be actually viewed around the rectal region or even in the feces.

Aside from harsh distress, ticks as well as bugs may likewise result in severe health issue in pet dogs and also folks.

Exactly how will bugs influence my canine?

On event you could really observe little brownish bugs transferring rapidly via your pet’s haircoat. Bugs could additionally result in skin layer allergic reactions and also could send various other bloodsuckers, such as tapeworms, to your pet.

Just how have I inspect my canine for bugs?

Your pet dog might be actually ravaged along with bugs, these experts are actually certainly not constantly effortless to locate. Among the most effective procedures for examining your pet dog for bugs is actually to search for bug dust (really bug feces) in your canine’s haircoat.

If your pet dog possesses bugs, dark streaks that appear like filth (as an end result, our team make use of the phrase “bug dust”) are going to drop into the report. The reddish different colors end results since blood stream pulled coming from your canine is actually passed in the bug’s dump issue.

Just how have I avoid my pet dog coming from acquiring bugs?


To regulate bugs, you need to eliminate all of them coming from replicating. Carpets and rugs, dog bed linens, furnishings, as well as various other interior regions where your canine invests a lot time will definitely include the best amount of mading bugs (find online video over). Recurring vacuuming of these places (toss the vacuum bag out after that) as well as constant cleaning of your pet’s bed linen may substantially lessen the amount of building bugs inside your house.


Bugs likewise mature in sheltered, safeguarded outside places. Keep in mind, if your pet has certainly not experience at ease investing time in a specific place, after that not either will certainly bugs.

Measures to Get

Many bug issues might be taken care of by managing as well as protecting against bugs on your pet dog. This is vital to bear in mind that bug issues could be actually various coming from dog to pet dog or even in between houses, and also each issue could need an unique procedure of command.

Each exterior as well as in the house locations might be squirted along with pesticides to get rid of bugs, if needed. Procedure of your residence or even backyard is actually finest executed by a qualified parasite command specialist. Seek advice from your vet regarding which bug food products are going to crack the bug life process in the surrounding.

Observe your animal medical practitioner for guidance on your certain circumstance. Your animal medical practitioner may highly recommend reliable and even secure items for managing bugs and also could establish precisely just what you require. Your vet can easily additionally identify whether you need to seek advice from a bug command expert regarding managing your residence and even garden.

Residence > Parasite Command > Effective ways to Eliminate Insects > Eliminate Bugs on Pet dogs
Do away with Bugs on Canines
Changed on March 1, 2016

Conveniences and also Frontline And are actually each contemporary bug management food products that eliminate bug attacks in a concern of mins and also get rid of grown-up bugs, eggs and also larvae in hrs. Bug trapFlea Catches could aid you analyze the significance of your bug issue, and also these experts could likewise assist you record and even get rid of bugs. You may buy a bug catch that operates by enticing bugs to an unpleasant drug that at that point eliminates the bugs.

Whether you searching for to acquire rid of bugs on your pet dog straight this 2nd or even you only prefer to be actually readied, gone through on for the very most helpful techniques to obtain rid of bugs for good.What is actually Bug Dirt?Image of bug dirtFlea dust is really bug poop. Reviewing your canine for bug gunk is actually one means to aid identify in between bugs and even one more skin layer allergy.Symptoms of Bugs on Canines
For the damp, contaminated places your pet dog might build coming from bug attacks (contacted “very hot places”), attempt making use of aloe vera or even herbal tea plant oil (blended along with water) to calm the irritation.Bottles of bug repellantUse a bug repellent to acquire rid of bugs on your pet dog. Conveniences and also Frontline Additionally are actually each contemporary bug command food products that get rid of bug attacks in an issue of moments and also eliminate grown-up bugs, eggs and also larvae in hrs. Bug trapFlea Snares can easily aid you evaluate the degree of your bug concern, and also these experts could likewise assist you record and also eliminate bugs.

I am actually being actually positive though, so the inadequate pet obtained a cleaning, some bug and even a bath tub repellent all in one time, plus a lot of sad-looking images had. Certain as I could be actually that the bugs are actually shocked right now, I am actually still prepared to remove all of them on.
Whether you searching for to acquire rid of bugs on your pet straight this 2nd or even you simply wish to be actually readied, read through on for the very most reliable techniques to receive rid of bugs for good.What is actually Bug Dirt?Image of bug dirtFlea dust is really bug poop. If the smear is actually reddish, you have actually acquired some pet bugs. Reviewing your pet dog for bug dust is actually one means to assist identify in between bugs and also an additional skin layer allergy.Symptoms of Bugs on Pet dogs
too much scratching/itching
munching or even attacking, specifically at the rear end, rear as well as inside or even exterior of upper legs
loss of hair
skin layer sores
reddish, elevated bumps
bug filth
Pet dog Bug Procedure as well as PreventionDog obtaining outside batTo obtain rid of bugs, groom your pet dog routinely. A bug comb is actually crucial when you are actually in assault method; the great pearly whites will certainly snare the bugs, which will certainly pass away when you plunge the comb in foaming water after each comb shock. For the damp, afflicted locations your pet might build coming from bug attacks (contacted “scorching areas”), make an effort utilizing aloe vera or even herbal tea plant oil (blended along with water) to calm the irritation.Bottles of bug repellantUse a bug repellent to obtain rid of bugs on your pet.
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Prior to our team enter the specifics of why that may be correct, I am actually heading to discuss an account along with you. To begin with, a little bit of intro to my canines could be actually in purchase.

Sometimes, I receive a little bit of fed up with duplicating the adhering to maxim: “Healthy and balanced pet dogs typically aren’t excellent multitudes for bloodsuckers.”.

“Just what should I provide my canine to prevent heartworm?”.

“Well-balanced pets typically aren’t really good lots for bloodsuckers.”.

Permit me discuss a little bit of accurate tale along with you that are going to confirm my aspect. You’ll get a bang out of this.

Presently my close friends that increase their pets the typical means (by that I imply great deals of vaccinations, great deals of chemicals and even a refined food items diet plan), do not take pleasure in the exact same high-end. Earthworms do not avoid a concern for my pet dogs considering that, as well as claim this along with me, “Well-balanced pets typically aren’t friendly bunches for bloodsuckers.”.

“Just what can I provide my pet dog so he does not obtain earthworms?”.

On a daily basis, I obtain the using inquiries coming from our audiences …

You might presume that by certainly not providing my pups dewormers in the final fifteen years that I have actually obtained an actual wreck on my palms. Our company are actually likewise bug totally free. In 15 years, I have actually certainly never possessed one bug on one of my canines (and also I dwell in the nation and even the pet dogs and also I are actually in the hardwoods, the areas and even the beach front every time).

I reveal Labrador Retrievers and even immediately I possess 5 of all of them– effectively, 4 and also an one-half since Bitey is actually rather little! Considering that my young puppies need to be actually reared the technique I would certainly rear all of them listed below, I have actually been actually nourishing Labradors for approximately fifteen years right now yet I do not cultivate all that commonly. That implies these experts consume merely new, entire foods items, these experts may not be treated for everything certainly not demanded by regulation (as well as bear in mind, there are actually consistently exceptions), these experts are actually exempt to toxic substances as well as chemicals (and even by that I suggest heartworm medications, dewormers, bug and even beat medications, medicines and also chemicals around the property), and even these experts are actually certainly not required to standard veterinarians unless positively important (homeopathy regulation in this home)!

“Exactly what have you carry out to stop bugs in your pets?”.

Everyday, my solution to each one of these is actually, you reckoned this,.

2 years back, I journeyed to a pet reveal along with a buddy of mine that increases her Labradors traditionally. While our team were actually there certainly, our company worked out the canines in a good sand band that was actually utilized for steeds and even that was actually an excellent means to allow all of them off lead for some action time while at the program.

Regarding 3 times later on nonetheless, my good friend phoned me up along with a notice. She pointed out that she saw that the 3 canines she delivered to the program were actually dealt with in bugs.

I chose I need to remove a peek at my personal pets very– although I really did not observe any person damaging. Considering that you find, there just weren’t any sort of bugs on my pets. Properly, I could not view any type of bugs anyhow.

Meh, I had the pets for a stroll rather. As well as that transforms out that had not been important considering that my pets othered flea-free in the few days and also full weeks after that.

Permit’s recap these celebrations, for those using throughout at property.

6 pet dogs head to canine receive one truck (seem like the starting point of an excellent laugh).
3 pet dogs are actually immunized, regularly provided chemicals and even medicines and also supplied a refined diet plan. 3 pets are actually certainly not.
Like suppose which 3 canines got home along with bugs and also which 3 really did not?
Begin, I understand you are actually presuming that also. Right ridiculous to offer our pet dogs vaccinations packed with light weight aluminum and even mercury, supply him neurotoxins that eliminate the vermins in and even on him (as well as extremely think these experts could eliminate vermins however certainly not be actually unsafe for our pet dogs), and even refined food items in a bag (similar to all convenience foods can be found in a bag)… and also mention “certainly there, I have actually created my pet healthy and balanced!”.

Cease the craziness!

Ever before find a disappointing squirrel body at the edge of the roadway? And also on that lifeless little bit of body, you’ll view a rampage of insects if you seem close ample (do not allow your sisters find you have this though … I have actually know these experts do not just like that). Presently review that lifeless squirrel to well-balanced pet dogs.

If your canine possesses sufficient bugs (or even heartworms or even ticks or even digestive earthworms) that this is actually recognizable to him or even you, can you truthfully claim he is actually healthy and balanced? I would not. I would certainly state he is actually someplace between healthy and balanced pet and even lifeless squirrel … which is actually possibly certainly not a friendly area to become.

Earthworms do not protect against a concern for my pets given that, and even state this along with me, “Healthy and balanced canines may not be excellent multitudes for bloodsuckers.”.

In 15 years, I have actually certainly never possessed one bug on one of my pet dogs (as well as I stay in the nation as well as the pet dogs and even I are actually in the timbers, the industries as well as the seashore every time).

Possibly our company must readjust our meaning of well-balanced. You must feel that wellness is actually a lot more compared to simply the lack of ailment if organic medical care is actually visiting be actually as pleasant to your canines as that is actually to mine.

She stated that she saw that the 3 pet dogs she delivered to the program were actually dealt with in bugs. Given that you find, there just weren’t any sort of bugs on my canines. If your canine possesses sufficient bugs (or even heartworms or even ticks or even digestive earthworms) that this is actually detectable to him or even you, can you frankly state he is actually well-balanced?

If rather, our company possessed a little bit of confidence in the body immune system and even operated to develop health and wellness with a friendly, healthy diet regimen and also by avoiding substance abuses and also poisonous substances, right simply good sense that our canines would certainly be actually far better in a position to deal with a few bugs?

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