​Seresto For Dogs Flea Treatment - Side Effects, Cost, Dosage, Review

Seresto For Dogs Flea Treatment – Side Effects, Cost, Dosage, Review



​Having fleas sucks! Especially when your pet is suffering and affecting the whole house.

Fortunately, there are flea collars. One of the most popular choices on the market is Seresto.

What is Seresto for ​Dogs?

Seresto is an amazing flea and tick collar and polymer matrix that provides a simultaneous supply of two active ingredients of flumethrin and imidacloprid. Seresto fights against the ticks and fleas for 8 months. Seresto is convenient for dogs and they don’t need any treatment for up to 8 months after wearing this odorless flea and tick collar.

Seresto Dosage

The dosage of Seresto depend on the dog size either small or large. Seresto comes in 2 sizes – Small and large. These dosages kill the tick and all the anaplasmosis and Lyme diseases including the deer ticks. The American dog ticks disease is identified by the vector of rocky mountain ehrlichiosis and fever. Whereas the brown ticks’ dogs suffer from the bartonellosis, canine hemoplasmosis, and rocky mountain fever, and the lone star ticks are spotted with ehrlichiosis.

The dosage of Seresto varies between the small and large dogs. Seresto for small dogs is applicable for small dogs with a weight of less than 8kg (17 pounds) and age of 7 weeks or more. Whereas Seresto for large dogs is applicable for dogs which are 7 weeks old or more and weight more than 8 kg.

Seresto Side effects

Like any medication, there are side effects that comes with flea treatment.

Some Seresto collars side effects:

  • Rashes on body with red marks on body
  • Some vomiting or sneezing
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Tremors
  • Seizures
  • Fatigue
  • Drooling
  • Vision problems

Seresto Cost

The cost of Seresto usually depends on the place and the sites selling the Seresto. However, the average cost is about $24.95 to $60. For the lowest price, you can click here.

Seresto Ingredients

The main ingredients are Flumethrin which helps repel and kill nymphs, larvae and ticks. The other active ingredient is imidacloprid which is aimed at killing adult fleas, lice and larvae.

Where to buy Seresto for dogs?

You can buy Seresto here.


www.durgs.com >vet>Seresto-small-or-large-dogs

www.labradortraininghq.com > Labrador-health-and-care>Seresto-rev

www.vet-medic.com >seresto-collars-i1072

www.amazon.com > seresto-flea-collar-8-months-prevention



Hope this helps :)

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​Kea Kou

About the Author

​Kea here. I started this blog to help pet owners find better prices on flea medicine. I know what it's like paying an arm and a leg for pet products since I've spent hundreds of dollars on my wiener dog (Dachshund) named Mr. Beans. 

I've done all the research (testing, comparing, talking to other pet owners) and I share with you all that I find. I hope my Blog helps you make a better decision on which products are best for your pet and to help you save money at the same time :)

Seresto is the product for the dog collar for repelling and killing all the blood-sucking parasites. The parasites like flea and tick are very harmful for the dogs. Seresto is the product of the Bayer Animal Health. These products are usually durable for a longer period of time and control all the flea and tick and as well treat them too.Mainly the dog owners have the issue about the pricing of this Seresto. But the cost the Seresto is lower as compared to other monthly treatment for controlling the tick and flea parasites. The cost of the Seresto is low as compared to other collars in the market. This product has durability for 8 months and if treat these parasites it cost a heavy amount and you have to visit the doctor of pets every month. Usually, these Seresto are veterinarian approved and saves time as compared to other treatments. These Seresto offers the durability and resistivity from the water. They kill all the flea and ticks which came in contact with the collars. These Seresto have usually the 8 months validation for repelling the parasites. This product is easy to handle and it can be wearied with other ID and collars as well. back to home
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