Activyl For Dogs Flea Treatment– Side effects, Dosage, Cost, Review

Activyl For Dogs – Side effects, Dosage, Cost, Review

What is Activyl for dogs?

Fleas are the most usual parasites that are found on your dog’s body and they keep irritating your pawed companion. If your dog keeps itching himself and loses hairs due to itching then Activyl is a medicine that works as a charm for your dog.

Activyl is rich in terms of features and prevents the fleas and ticks from biting your dog. It also stop the new fleas from increasing. It is available on all the veterinary clinics and can also be purchased online. This miraculous medicine provides an all around protection to your furry member of the family.

The Activyl makes use of the indoxacarb as an ingredient that work with the enzymes that are found in the fleas and then use them to kill those fleas. This medicine is used by applying it over the skin of the dog where he cannot lick it.

When the fleas will come in contact the medicine, they will begin to die and they need not bite the dog’s body to get affected by the medicine. The medicine spreads it across the body and the fur of your dog. The medicine further breaks the life cycle of the fleas and prevents the further infestation./

This medicine works in a four step procedure which is stated as follows:

Step 1: First you need to apply the medicine to the coat and the skin of your dog.

Step 2: Then the Activyl will begin to be absorbed by the fleas through the contact on the skin and they need not bite your dog for absorbing it.

Step 3: The medicine will be activated and the fleas will begin to paralyze the flea through its action.

Step 4: The fleas will get an inability to feed on your dog and will eventually die out of hunger and starvation.

Dosage of Activyl 

Within the context of dogs, the most appropriate dosage is 15-66mg which is also calculated by the division of indoxacarb and the weight of the body in kg. Here is a list of all the dosages as per the body weight of the dog:

  • Very small dog – 100 mg dosage is perfect for dogs weighing between 1.5 kg and 6.5 kg.
  • Small dog – 150 mg is the appropriate dosage for dogs that weigh between 6.6 kg to 10 kg.
  • Medium dogs – A dose of 300 mg is perfect for a dog that weighs between 10.1 kg to 20 kg.
  • Large dogs – 600 mg dosage is required for dogs weighing between 20.1 kg to 40 kg.
  • Extra large dogs – 1 kg to 60 kg is a weight range that requires a dosage of 1900 mg.

There is a need of using combinations of various doses if the weight of your dog is above 60 kg.

Side effects of Activyl  

The most straightforward side effect that is associated with the Activyl is transitionary scratching which is a really common among the dogs. It may cause further reddening of the skin which is known as erythema.  The worst case might cause loss of hairs on the dog.

The side effects do not need any consultancy by doctor and can be resolved with ease by time. There might be an oily appearance on the fur of your dog but you don’t need to worry since it is temporary as well. Furthermore, a dry white residue can also be left out after the use of this medicine.

Rest is assured that these condition are completely normal and do not require a medical attention. Moreover, it is not advised to use it on dogs that are suffering from allergy and are hypersensitive since the medicine contains some ingredients that may trigger the allergic conditions in dogs.

Cost of Activyl  

Its price ranges a lot in different platforms for example the online websites where it is available as a bundle of 3, 6, and 12 with a price of $26, $49, and $99 respectively. Its price may differ when the places of purchasing changes which means you will get a different rate everywhere.

It you purchase from a veterinarian the rates may differ there as well. Same thing applies for the offline retail shops as well. Therefore, you are required to select a place where you get it for your desired price.

Ingredients in Activyl  

The active ingredient which is being used in the Activyl is named as indoxacarb which is combined with a novel mode of action and does not has a known resistance from fleas. The main purpose of this ingredient is to prevent the fleas from being fed on the body of your dog. It helps in the killing of the stages of the flea such as the larvae, eggs, and adult fleas. Moreover, it also helps in inhibiting the growth of the fleas on the environment of the body of dog.

Where to buy Activyl for dogs

You can find it here.


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extraThis miraculous flea medicine for your dog can be bought from a number of sources at a varying price and the sources from where it can be bought are as follows:

  1. Retail stores – This medicine is available in all the medical retail stores and you can buy from your desired store as well. This will be highly convenient for you if you don’t want to look more outside for purchasing this medicine. Furthermore, they might prescribe you something else as well for your dog that might be helpful for removing his fleas. Therefore, you can easily purchase it anywhere in the world from any of the retail stores.
  2. Online websites – The best thing about this medicine is that it does not require a prescription due to which it is available to purchase online as well. This is the reason that you can purchase it from online e-commerce websites as well such as Amazon. The best thing is that when you purchase the medicine online, you don’t even need to step away from your home and can enjoy a doorstep delivery for the same.


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