Best Flea Pills For Dogs

A guide on Flea Pills for dogs Reviews

Fleas are very annoying not only for your dogs but also for humans. These microscopic creatures seriously affect your puppies and dogs. Therefore, it is recommended to get the best flea treatment. Any treatment that is safe, convenient and effective is considered best. Usually, pills are recommended   because of these features. Moreover, many new oral preventives are getting popular these days as they avoid problems like infestations from flea and skin infections. Do you know what pills should you give to your dogs? Check out the best flea pills for dogs reviews.


A veterinarian prescribes the best pills for your dogs to treat several conditions caused by a flea. These oral insecticides help in preventing, treating, and even controlling the infestation of flea in dogs. Every flea pill is made up of active chemical ingredients to kill the larva of flea or adult. On the other hand, some of these oral insecticides even reduce the ability of a flea to lay eggs. The flea control treatment depends on which stage of the life cycle the flea is. Therefore, you must get a complete prescription of flea pills.

To help you out, we have come up with our top picked flea medicines for dogs.

The Top 3- rated flea medicine for dogs

Here are the top picks for your pets.

Comfortis for dogs Our Top Pick

The most recommended prescription for controlling the fleas on your dog is comfortis. This one is an FDA approved the medicine for dogs. It comes in the form of a tablet that is flavored with beef and is chewable.

Features of comfortis

  • Effective- it starts its work within half an hour and kills 100 percent fleas. It is lab-tested medicine.
  • Ingredient- consists of an active ingredient called spinosad that works directly on the nervous system of fleas.
  • Easy to give- just give a tablet with the meal to your pet and it will start showing its effect immediately. Moreover, you are required to give the tablet once a month.

The active substance that is spinosad interferes with the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the flea’s body. The medicine is so effective that it kills them causing subsequent paralysis to the fleas. Their effect is seen up to four weeks of consumption.

Nexgard for dogs Our Runner up Pick



The second in our list of best flea medicine for dogs is nexgard or afoxolaner. This one is effective in killing adult fleas and hence called flea adulticide. It contains the active ingredient called afoxolaner that works on the fleas residing on the body of your dog. As a result, it prevents adult fleas from laying eggs and the growth of more fleas.

The reason to recommend this oral preventive is that it not only kills fleas but also kills ticks. The medicine works for a complete month and is an ideal flea medicine for dogs. This is a beef-flavored medicine that is suitable to give to your eight weeks or older pets. But the weight of your pet should not be more than four pounds.


  • Long-lasting
  • Ideal for tick and fleas
  • Work within 12 hours

However, the medicine shows some effects which are not a cause of concern like lack of appetite in dogs, vomiting, and dry skin.

Bravecto for dogs Great Quality

The latest flea pill is effective for dogs. Bravecto is known for its quality and quick medicine that works within 8 hours on juvenile fleas. It kills both adults as well as about to be adult fleas. Moreover, it also prevents your dogs from ticks and works as fast as 12 hours. One dose of a bravector lasts for 12 weeks. In short, you have to give the tablet to your dogs every three months. The main ingredient of this pill is a fluralaner that belongs to the isoxazoline group. It is generally known as an ectoparasiticide. It kills many types of tick like American dog, brown dog, black-legged tick, and more.


  • Kill adult fleas
  • Come in flavor and treat flea infestation
  • Kill variety of tick as well

Who should buy flea medicine for dogs?

Almost every pet owner should buy flea medicine for their cute and adorable puppies. Fleas are not good for every kind of pet like dogs and cats. They are dangerous for them as they cause severe discomfort to them which can lead to diseases like Bartonella, flea allergy dermatitis, and more. Therefore, to prevent your dog from such harmful diseases it is vital to work on flea control methods. And if your dog is experiencing too much discomfort from fleas then try our top recommended pills.

Oral flea medicine for dogs

Usually, oral treatments are recommended for dogs because of their ease of use. Unlike other treatments, you don’t have to apply them to their bodies. Furthermore, they are very effective because they last for weeks and even months. The common ingredient that goes into the pills is lufenuron, spinosad, nitenpyram, and more.

Flea Pills for Dogs vs. Topical Applications and Collars

Various treatments are available for treating flea problems. Which one is effective- oral , topical, or collars? As per a study, 88.4 percent of topical are effective whereas oral treatment like pills is 99.9 percent effective. A flea collar is a convenient option for dog owners as they are not messy. On the other hand, flea collar may prevent your dogs but expose to kids may adversely affect their health.

Do I Need a Veterinarian to Get Flea Pills?

A veterinarian will help provide you with the best advice as far as the adverse effects of the pills on your dog’s health. Getting a vets recommendation and prescription is important for certain pills. Please consult with your pets vet to see if any of these medication is right for your pet. As with any medication, they do come with side effects. You can head over to the manufactures page to find out more or talk with your vet.

Sometimes flea treatment is very crucial for your lovely dog. So, get the pills for your dogs and give a healthy and flea-free life to your dog.


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