Vectra 3D For Dogs Flea Treatment – Side Effects, Dosage, Cost Reviews

Vectra 3D For Dogs Flea Treatment – Side Effects, Dosage, Cost Reviews

When your dogs are troubling you and you are unable to understand what is wrong with him then this might be the case of concern. Also, if you are feeling that your dog is in severe pain and he is scratching and itching in his body all the time then you must visit a veterinary doctor or see what is the matter actually is. This may be possible because the fleas and tick are troubling them and you are unaware of it.

Fleas and ticks are very harmful to your dogs and can cause your dog’s allergies and serious bone illness. In order to avoid this problem, you can prevent them from fleas and ticks both via Vectra 3D which is a medicine. This is the best medicine that can help you treat fleas and ticks causing problems in your dogs.

In this article further all you are going to know about is Vectra 3D for dogs, about its dosages, side effects, price of this amazing veterinary medicine, what are the ingredients which are added to make this medicine effective in the treatment of ticks and fleas, and at last you will get aware about where you should go and purchase this product.

What is ​​Vectra 3D for ​Dogs?

vecto 3d for dogs

​It is a medicine that can help you treat fleas and ticks related issues in your beloved dogs when used rightly since it is a highly prescribed medicine by veterinary doctors. On the other, hand it can prevent tick and fleas infestations and it is aloes used to repel mosquitoes, sand flies, and also for stabling flies.

When you use Vectra 3D its effect can last for more than 1 month. Additionally, the best part is it can also help in preventing the fleas from hatching their eggs and also from developing them for two months. The three activated substance which Vectra 3D contains are- permethrin, pyriproxyfen, and last but not the least dinotefuran.

Generally, it is used after doctors prescribe them to use it for your dogs, but it can also be used without the prescription as well since it will not cause any adverse effect on them. It is used when you want on the spot solution for your dogs but the dosage of Vectra 3D depends on the basis on the weight of your dogs.

You can apply the content of this amazing medicine Vectra 3D applicator directly to the skin of your dogs very easily. But make sure you first patch your dog’s fur at first place in 1 or more than 1 spot that too in its back, front, trail, in continues line or in other way according to the weight of your dog.

Also, it can be used once a month to provide all-around protection to your dogs from fleas and ticks and it is also highly recommended to use it again with time.

Dosage of Vectra 3D  

This medicine comes in 4 different dosing sizes which depend on the bodyweight of your dogs. You can purchase this medicine in all body weights in the pack of 3 doses as well as in the pack of 6 doses. The Dosage of Vectra 3D is available in purple color for puppies and dogs which is indented for the dogs in the weight between 56 – 95 pounds. In addition to this, this package specifically comes in 3 doses.

For the heavy weighted dogs, one can purchase the Dosage of Vectra 3D in red color. If you having a lighter weighted dog which is affected by fleas and ticks, then you should purchase a Dosage of Vectra 3D in green color or in blue color. This medicine is directly applied to the skin of the dogs fully covering his body from head to trail. Make sure your dogs are comfortable standing in the position when you are applying him Dosage of Vectra 3D.

Side effects of Vectra 3D  

It is a medicine only for dogs, thus do not use it on your cats or on any other animal as it can cause adverse side effects on them. There are some effects when you Vectra 3D wrongfully. And, the most common and the serious side effects which may harm your dogs adversely are-

  • Anxiety and manic behavior
  • Extreme restlessness
  • Jitteriness
  • Chemical burns on the skin of your canine friend

Apart from this, there are many side effects that is there with the use of Vectra 3D. Some of the other side effects from the one mentioned above are lethargy, panting, vomiting, and more. From this the dog’s body also gets warm with the use and proper dosage of the medicine. This is the reason that you must take care of the side effects that the medicines are having on your dog.

Cost of Vectra 3D

The cost of the Vectra 3D depends on the dosage that is assigned to the dog. However, the dosage of the dog depends on the weights that they are having. Apart from this the cost of the medicine also depends on the online sites or the vendor from which you are buying.

This is the reason that it can’t be specifically said that Vectra medicine is having this much cost range.

Ingredients in Vectra 3D  

The medicine also contains some of the chemical substances that give it an effect on the flea infestation. dinotefuran, permethrin, dinotefuran are some of the substances that are available in the medicines. This is also the way that they are having some of the side effects on the dog’s body.

Where to buy Vectra 3D for dogs?

You can get access to the Vectra 3D with the best dealer which are available online as well as with the offline platform. However, you can select the best dealer with the best online site this will also offer the best prices to the customers. Thus, you can get the medicine online and can protect your canine friend from the flea infestation from which he is suffering. This is the best way that dogs can get free from the disease.


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