apoquel for dogs side effects alternatives

Apoquel For Dogs Side Effects & Alternatives

Apoquel For Dogs Side Effects & Alternatives

Does your dog have an allergy?

Most dogs suffer from allergy… So you’re not the only one.  In this growing medical field, there are many conventional medicines that are developed.

Moreover, Apoquel is the best used for controlling itching and inflammation in the dogs. This is one such medicine that controls all the causes. Apart from the treatment of allergy, it includes food allergy, contact allergy, atopic dermatitis, and flea allergy.

What is Apoquel for dog?

Apoquel is a pet medication that is used to treat dermatitis. In Which, dogs are most likely to have skin diseases. However, if you are having a pet like a dog then there are many symptoms through which you can know that they are having allergies.

  • Excessive licking,
  • scratching,
  • chewing
  • and biting are some of the symptoms of allergies.

Apoquel is an oral tablet that works on all types of allergies. Veterinarians usually recommend this medicine when your pet has any skin allergies.

The benefits that are available are as follows-

  • Safe for the Long term and short term use
  • The effects happen quickly within 4 hours
  • Tablets are easily digestible and sold
  • The dog will find relief in 24 hours
  • Apoquel can be taken with other antibiotics and other vaccines (please consult with your veterinarian for best treatment)

Dosage of Apoquel

The dosage of the Apoquel for the dogs should be 0.6 kilograms. This prescription is FDA approved. The same dosage must be continued for at least 14 days. In the initial weeks, you can decrease the dosage for your dogs. You should start seeing results withing a few weeks as the medicine settles with your dogs system.

Apoquel Side effects

There are chances that your dogs may experience these side effects:

  • Vomitting
  • Increases cholesterol and lipase
  • Diarrhea
  • Decreases globulins

If your dog experiences anything unusual please stop the administeration of Apoquel for dogs and talk to your veterinarian immediately.

Apoquel Cost

The cost of Apoquel is $2.18 tablet (at the time of writing this article). It comes in:

  • 3.6mg
  • 5.4mg
  • 16mg

Each bottle usually comes with 20 tablets. You can get the product here.

Interaction with other drugs

Apoquel may be used with other vaccinations, anti-inflammatory NSAID’s and other allergy medications. Again, should you have any specific questions it is best to consult directly with your veterinarian.

Apoquel Ingredients

Oclacitinib is the main ingredient that is present in this medication.

Apoquel Alternatives

There are various alternatives that are used for treating the allergy of the dogs. Check out the alternatives below:

  1. Changes the diet of dog

With a simple change of diet your dog’s allergies can improve. Keep track of what you give your dog. You can start by taking away or adding different foods slowly to identify what helps your pet. Naturally, your pet should know what he/she doesn’t like so keep an eye out for those signs.

  1. Addressing environmental allergens

Your environment plays a big role on your body so it should be the same with your pet. Is your place dusty? is it full of pollen? Having a clean environment where air circulation can flow is important.

  1. CBD oil

CBD is one of the better alternatives when it comes to natural treatment for your dog. This oil should be administered orally instead of directly on the skin to produce effective results. You can get cbd here.


Apoquel is a great choice for treating dog allergies. However, if you are looking for a natural treatment with very little bad side effects then you may also want to consider giving your pet CBD oil.




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