How to get rid of fleas in house

Flea’s infestation on dogs- A worthy guide for readers

Flea’s infestation on dogs- A worthy guide for readers

When you get your favorite dog at your home, you can’t express the feeling that you undergo while playing with the dog. Every now and then, you do to and fro in home you give that notorious look to the dogs or puppies as a token of love. You treat dogs like a ‘brother from another mother’, caressing them like a delicate flower and makes sure nothing should bother them. However, you get so involved in admiration that you do not notice those small things that may prove disastrous for pets.

Those small things are none other than the tiny ‘fleas’. Fleas are small insects that continuously hover around the pets so as to consume blood from the body of dogs. Also, these are the ones that are responsible for injecting viruses and bacteria in the body of pets. Well, you don’t have to worry for the same. This article will aware you about the measures to deal with such undesirable effect on pets. In fact, it will prove to be a tonic for dogs and avoid flea infestation on dogs.


There is a general misunderstanding among the common crowd that, every type of scratching is a symptom of flea infestation. However, it is not so, it could be normal scratching, could be an allergy or anything similar to it. On the other hand, if there is a fleas infestation on dogs, there are some sign like thick dirt settling on the body. When there is a symptom of dirt, then it can be a ‘wakeup call’ for your pet. Prompt measures should be taken to avoid any deadly disease sticking on your dog’s body.

First things first, be sure its fleas

Fleas can be identified as the flies that are about half the size of an apple seed. It can also be as large as the rice grain. Most of the fleas suck the blood on the body of dog by jumping on the dog and do not let the dogs know that they are sitting. The insects have flat bodies and do not have any wings. Many times, it happens that you are not able to identify the flea. Nevertheless, you can see the signs of flea by noticing the poop of flea. They usually look like small bundles of dust.

Two steps to managing dog fleas

Once you have identified the fleas, and then come the precautions so that those tiny pleas shouldn’t bother dogs again. The following steps will make the things about fleas infestation more clearly for you.

Step 1: Treatment of the pet

The first step talks about the use of pesticides and other safe chemicals that should be applied on the body of dog. The chemicals identify the presence of larvae and then eliminate the larvae. While doing the selection of the chemicals, chemical like methoprene should be present. While applying the chemical on the body of the dog, it is mandatory to follow the instructions. Also it will be better if the consultation from the veterinary doctor is taken.

Once the chemical is applied make sure that dogs should not be bathed for four to five days. There is a technical reason behind it. Once you pour the water after the application of the chemical, the natural oils that are present in the body of pet vanishes immediately. Consequently, the chemical that you applied will have no effect and will not get time show their medical action.

Step 2: Cleaning the home

After you have taken the help of the chemicals, now take the initiative from your side about fleas infestation. With the help of the vacuum cleaner, you will have to clean the nearby surface, where the dog resides. You can also take the help of vacuum bags so that any eggs of the larvae will get eliminated. You can also add layers of borax on the carpets of your home. The reason being, carpets are the most vulnerable when it comes to the breeding of larvae.

You can also take the help of exterminators, which contain the chemicals that are used to eliminate the fleas infestation.

Preventing future infestations

The best method of preventing the fleas infestation is by consulting the veterinarian and incorporating the methods suggested by him. While spraying the chemical, make sure that you put the spray in proper direction. When you have the pets in areas with high flea population, you can use the flea collars that protect the dogs from fleas. Even flea shampoos can also be used.

While applying the flea shampoo on the dog body, you may notice that itching is developed. However, with the addition of drops of eucalyptus irritation can be removed.

Early detection

Detection of the flea population near to your dog area requires constant monitoring. It is seen that the population of the fleas can multiply over a period of time. It is wise to look for the signs of flea infestation on the body of pets. Some of the signs are reddishness of the skin, continuous irritation and the flea poop. Sometimes the sign develops once the situation becomes grave. So to deal with such situations proactive measures are required to be taken.

Recommended treatment for flea

There are various measures that can be applied to prevent the dog skin from the severe action of the flea. Medication in the form of the diluted tablets or fluid form is always beneficial. One of the popular and top treatments is the use of comfortis. Comfortis is basically a chewable tablet that also consists of beef. It is very effective in preventing fleas infestation. The killing time of the comfortis tablet is 15 minutes.

Just remember, there are different types of comfortis available in the market. Some are for mouse, cats and other pets. Ensure that the doctor suggest the right type of comfortis for the pet and especially for the dogs. In addition to this there are certain medical creams that are easily available in any veterinary clinic can also be used.


How to Get Rid of Fleas: Detection and Prevention

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